Friday, December 19, 2014

The Social

Yesterday a few girlfriends and I had a complete Mom's Day out and it was such a such a nice break, although if I'm being entirely honest, I missed my baby boy, but I knew he was going to have a great day with Grandma too! S was able to get us tickets to go and see The Social live in Toronto.

It was an early start, leaving the house at 8 AM, but we were all ready and beautiful:

Although clearly we need to work on our selfies haha! 

We headed to Burlington area and hopped on my first train ride ever and headed to Toronto!! Big city, here we come:

Apparently I had crazy hair, but what I do want to point out is - see that purse I'm carrying? First purse since having a baby!! Now of course I picked one I could shove toys and diapers in, but it is a purse not a diaper bag!!  

The train ride was fun, about an hour long, but we had great conversation and company, so it went by really fast!! We arrived at Union Station in Toronto and then walked to Queen Street where The Social Studio is and right across the street was the cutest little restaurant called Cafe Crepe! 

I had the best Cesar salad and then enjoyed my first crepe:

You bet it was filled with fresh strawberries and it was really good!! A full day of firsts for this mama! We headed across the street took a few more selfies while waiting for the show to start:

The show was great, I didn't really care for the lingerie portion, as there was nothing that really appealed to me, but over all the show was funny, and it was just a lot of fun and afterwards we got to meet the hosts:

After the show we walked to MAC so J could get her new eyeliner and then we headed back to Union Station and caught the 3:13 train! Which put us back to Burlington area in good time to miss traffic! We were home by 5:30! A great day was had by all and the smile I received from Noah when I got home was priceless and just warmed my heart: 

Last night we got our family photos back and I am in love with them ALL!! I will post next week! I will also hopefully get pictures of the living room/kitchen done this weekend! But no promises, as we have big plans this weekend!! 

M is working Saturday morning and then we are heading to town to take the dogs into get bathed! On our way home we will pick up our pictures and gave a nice quiet night! Sunday we have family Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. 

I cannot believe Christmas is NEXT week!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Murdock's mama said...

That looks like such a fun day! Good for you mama! :)

J and A said...

What a fun day!! I watched that show but never saw you. I loved that last dress in the lingerie segment. I'm glad you got a day off!!


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