Friday, May 9, 2014

High 5 For Friday

Yay! It is Friday and that makes this girl a happy girl!! Why? Because the weather is even nicer today!! High of 25!! Yes please! We even have a humidex!! What else has gone down this week?

1) Binx is driving me bananas! Yes she has a bit of spring fever and her meowing or squeaking is at an all time high, but no, that is not the problem. She is obsessed with getting into all of the babies stuff! She gets into the pack and play where I have been keeping all Noah's clothes. Oh might I mention we block it off and she still gets into it - the smallest hole is an opportunity for her! Then I have a whole new load of baby clothes to wash because she rolls in them. 

Then yesterday, I was sure I would actually let her outside after working in the nursery, I left the door open after going downstairs to feed Noah and I come back up and find her IN THE CRIB!! Oh I was mad!! I sprayed her with water, but even that doesn't work anymore, it becomes a game of dodge the jet stream and then I have a whole new mess to clean up! 

2) M fixed the dishwasher!! For now... After taking it apart, we were sure we needed a new pump until M hit the pump twice and miracously turned on!! So we will see how long it lasts, but we are up and running now. 

It also means Noah doesn't have to do dishes again! 

3) We may have saved money on the dishwasher, but we need a new lawn mower now too!! Hard to believe the law is ready for cutting already!! We will be buying one with a bag on it to collect the clippings! 

On the up and up in the yard though - my clothesline is fixed, so I can start hanging my laundry again!! 

4) Noah is FINALLY in the double digits club, topping the scale with 10 pounds 2 ounces!! Proud Mama!! He also retired another newborn onesie this week!! 

5) This weekend marks Mother's Day - my very first! I have a feeling my emotions will be on high, just as they were with my baby shower. But with that being said I am going to shout out to my fellow infertiles, those mourning the loss of a child gone too soon. I will not forget my own struggles and I won't ignore yours. 

Please keep your heads held high and never give up hope!! 

Have a great weekend friends!! 


Allyssa Idell said...

High of 25? Oh my gosh! haha! It's n the mid 80's here in California! I would much rather it be cold. I love chilly weather.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am jealous of your weather! We are a high of 10 today and rain boo.
Yay, Noah! Good job on the weight gain :)
Happy Mothers Day!

Aubrey said...

Is 25 Celsius??!! Also I LOVE that poem!!! XO

J and A said...

YAY for good weather!! Whoo hoo! 10lbs! Good little man! Good job mama. Love that poem. Enjoy your mothers day!!

Hilary said...

Our cat has taken a liking to Beckett's crib and changing table lately, too. It's so annoying! And the water thing? He swats at it. It maybe worked once.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

High of 25?! Sounds freezing! If we're talking Fahrenheit! :)

Yay for double digits in the weight department! So exciting!

Hope your Mother's Day was really wonderful! It was my first "real" Mother's Day and it was much more of an emotional day than I thought. There is nothing like being a mother.


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