Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Today Noah experienced his first trip to IKEA!! We don't have too much to get, but nonetheless it was a fun day with M's Mom, Aunt and cousin! It is also going to be hot today!! Bring on the heat!! Although this Momma got her first sunburn of the year yesterday, but no complaints, it just means my pasty white skin is getting some color again!! 

A weekend of firsts we will call it. Let's rewind to Friday:

Friday M had his first ball game of the season. It was pretty brutal, they lost by a lot to a little... This was also Noah's first ball game!! He didn't really enjoy it all that much because it was windy, so he was covered up for most of it! 

Saturday M was supposed to have live fire training and I was going to go photograph it again like I did last year, but M ended up staying at work because they ran into some issues. So when M did get home, which was late, he had flowers in hand and we headed into town, grabbed groceries, a new lawnmower and dinner.

Later that night M's parents came over to babysit for the very first time!! This was the first time we left Noah together as a couple. He didn't make it easy on this Mama and decided to have a cryfest as we were planning to leave, so I quickly picked him up and promptly put him to sleep and we were out the door by 9:30 and back at home around 11:30. We just had a buck and doe to go to. 

Leaving him was alright and he was great for Grandma and Grandpa, but in all honesty, both M and I were talking about him all night. Even M found it weird leaving him. But we all survived!! 

Sunday morning I slept in until 8 AM! Noah slept great all weekend actually for a change. My first Mother's Day was great! It was very relaxing, Noah gave me a card, a gift card to the spa and hand and foot impressions. It was perfect. 

We went outside did some yard work, played fetch with the dogs - which Gracie is getting quite good at!! We came in had lunch, put Noah down for a nap and while M set up his new lawnmower, I grabbed myself a Somersby and sat in the sun. Apparently I fell asleep for a bit. I finished grooming Gracie and then we gave her an outdoor bath! 

When Noah got up, we headed over to the farm to give M's Mom her card, and ended up staying for dinner. When we got home, we hopped right into our nightly routine with a bath, then a feed and bedtime. 

Overall my weekend was great, my first Mother's Day was soo very special. I found myself in tears a few times with just utter joy, yet despair for those still suffering. It was definitely surreal and definitely a great reminder of how blessed I truly am!! Mothers Day is special once again, infertility didn't rob me of it completely. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend. 


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Happy 1st Mother's Day!!
I'm so happy for you! I also found myself in happy tears a few times- soooo blessed! Sounds like you had a perfect day with your little family!

The first couple times going out without baby is so weird! Glad everyone survived!! :)

Mmm Somersby! Thanks for introducing me to it!

I love your scarf!

J and A said...

Love that last photo of you two, great scarf. I cried many times yesterday!! ha Just so thankful! Sounds like a good weekend, glad you guys got out for a bit! :) Enjoy the heat!

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend! I'm headed to IKEA next weekend and cannot wait! ;)


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