Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Today's weekend rewind is coming at you from the deck, where I am soaking up the heat and sun as the baby naps!!

Fridays night was ball - they lost again but they are getting their groove back!! Noah struggled with bedtime, but once we got him to sleep, he slept all night.

Saturday M worked all day, so Noah and I went yard saling in the village! I originally planned on having a yard sale but there was no way I could get organized with the way M's week went! So we bought some books and baskets, two things I learned you can't have too many of! I got some laundry done and some organizing done too! 

When M did get home, we decided to head to London to the mall to exchange a girl outfit we were gifted and bought Noah some cute boy things instead!! 

We also stopped at Target where I got some sundresses! I think it will be a summer of dresses because it's the one thing I feel half comfy in! 

We came home just in time to put Noah to bed, which was another struggle!! 3 books later and some rocking in the rocking chair we finally got him to sleep again! But he slept all night again. 

Sunday rolled around, M let me sleep in again, which was amazing- although Noah slept late too, but M was up early and just relaxed the morning away! We had breakfast and some much needed family time, as M has had a crazy week and we hadn't really spent any time as a family! 

I had a wedding shower I was supposed to attend, but decided last minute to drop off the gift and come home to be with my family! We got some much needed gardening done, laundry, play time, I got Lily's hair trimmed, now she just needs a bath! M cut the lawn and sprayed the weeds. 

We went and grabbed groceries and dinner as well and then settled into our normal evening routine of bath time, feed and then cuddle time with Daddy before bed! I also managed to sneak in someone vacuuming too! 

This weekend we also started training the dogs to goto the bathroom in one part if the yard! Lily has it figured out, but Grace is being stubborn about it! Hopefully by the end of this week they will have it figured out! They used to do it before we got the pool and had dirt in their area, spit shan't be too complicated! Luckily it's supposed to be gorgeous this week, so taking the out isn't too bad like it would be in the rain. 

Today is going to be laid back, staying cool in the house! Hopefully at some point this week we will get the lawn furniture out! This weekend will be super busy, as we have a wedding and a celebration of life for M's Godmother who passed away at Christmas.


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Yay for sun! We had good weather here too this weekend. Makes it that much better. I want to get to some yard sales this summer since I have times being off work. Fridays are the best here before things get too picked over.
That is great he sleeps through the night now! Makes such a difference :)

J and A said...

Glad you are getting some sun!! Sounds like a good weekend! I can't wait to hit some garage sale, they are so fun. He is so smiley! Love it.

Lindsay said...

You are so lucky you can sit out and enjoy the sun! Everytime I set outside the black flies attack!
Does Noah nap in his crib? I am having a hard time with getting Sam to nap in his crib. He'll only sleep during the day in his swing which means I have to stay inside rather then taking the monitor outside!

Aubrey said...

Love seeing his happy smiles :)

Murdock's mama said...

Yay for sunshine! Sounds like you had a good weekend! I miss going to garage sales!


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