Thursday, June 11, 2015

On My Mind

Here is a little glimpse of what allies going on in my mind as of late! I warn you it is completely random!!

1) Felix is a super early riser and it is super annoying... Every morning either M or I have to get up around 4 (sometimes 5) and lock him in the bathroom. If we don't, he will attack us in bed, meow like a crazy cat (that he is) and stir up shit with all the other cats in the house. I will say things are calming down in the house now since his arrival, the first few months were really hectic with lots of cat fights, now they have sorted it out for the most part with the odd fights, but now it's mostly play fights. He is still really good and patient with Noah, which is most important.

2) today we are heading down to the market downtown. I don't exactly know what I am after, because I have never been, but it's a gorgeous day to try it out!

3) I am struggling at learning pool care 101... Which I am hoping to remedy today after a trip to the pool store. 

4) speaking of Remedy, I watched that on my box last week - yup both seasons that are available and I loved it! Highly reccomend that show if you like shows like Grey's and its Canadian, actually from Ontario and near by! Now I'm trying to find something else to watch. Summer tv sucks!

5) Noah has officially cut his first molar on the top right side! Poor guy hasn't been sleeping well at night this week at all. He's woke up numerous time. Yesterday I decided to be brave and put my finger in his mouth - it is like willingly putting your hand in a gators mouth - those teeth are sharp, but before being bit, I did feel a molar! I've tried introducing Sophie again, but he still doesn't like her, he would rather have his soother. Suprisingly he isn't super cranky otherwise!

6) soo excited for the weekend to hurry up and arrive! It's deck building weekend for the stairs going up to the pool!! It will be a big job we have been looking forward to getting done!! 

7) CMT's were on last night!! Of course I loved seeing Luke Bryan, but my girl crush Carrie Underwood, are you sure she just had a baby?? Holy! She looked amazing!! 

8) it's holiday planning around these parts. So far we are thinking cottage trip for a few days, zoo trip, hopefully lots of swimming, lake trip and maybe some camping. 

9) we have also been talking about what to put under our playground equipment for Noah. We were thinking shredded rubber, but then I just saw the fake grass as an option too. I think I'm leaning towards fake grass just from the cleanliness of it and it can stay put, not all throughout my yard! 

10) has anyone tried the golden Oreos? Soo good! They taste like the girl guide cookies, but with a better cream filling! 

11) I need to get back on the 21 Day fix! I haven't gained anything, but definitely haven't lost any either!! Still sitting 3 pounds above my goal! 

12) I also need to get going on Noah's photobooks that are past due! I had to ask for an extension! They gave me until the end of this month, which is already half way through. Why is time going soo fast?? 

Happy Thursday friends!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Oh my gosh...photobooks! I am SOOOO behind {like haven't went past 18 months for either kid--Jordyn will be 4 this fall!!!} SUCH a chore...but luckily SO worth it!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

Poor little Noah! And I know about Carrie Underwood, the woman looks amazing!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

Poor little Noah! And I know about Carrie Underwood, the woman looks amazing!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

Poor little Noah! And I know about Carrie Underwood, the woman looks amazing!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Poor guy! A had her molars all come in at one time which was kinda nice, I felt bad after though since I had no idea until after!
I am going to do the 21 day fix again too! And follow the eating plan this time :)
I would go with fake grass too, I find the rubber to stain clothing. It is at parks here and wrecked Avery's pants.

J and A said...

Carrie Underwood always looks like perfection, but her diet is NUTS!!! Get back on the 21 day fix train!! You rocked it when you did!! You can modify as needed too!!


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