Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Rewind

I guess I never got around to blogging Friday! My MIL came over and watched Noah in the morning so I could go grab some groceries. It is actually a lot easier doing groceries on my own and it gives Grandma and Noah sometime together, so it's a win/win I think!

Noah did well at Daddy's ball game this week! No tears at all!! He slept for the first half, but woke up around the 7th inning! How cute are these pjs? They are pretty much my favorite!! 

Saturday Noah went through 4 shirts before we found one to fit!! Apparently he has outgrown his 12 month tees, which is fine because we didn't have many, just enough for vacation in February! However there was a 24 month tee in there that was too big, so I pulled all his 18 month tees to be washed for wear! 

Saturday afternoon storms rolled in, our area got some tree limbs down, but nothing too major! 

When M got home I decided to tackle the spare bedroom... Aka baby zone or drop zone!! It's literally full of baby stuff and baby clothes! I'm embarrassed to show you all, but this is real life... 

And I can say it doesn't look like that anymore!! The totes are off the bed, I can see the floor, lots of progress was made in just 45 minutes! It's not done yet. 

Saturday night M fertilized and seeded the lawn quickly after it rained, we went for a nice walk, had a visit with friends and then came home and hopped into our nightly routine! 

I watched the movie Heaven Is For Real, which was good, just a bit too religious for me at this time. But it did have a good message, which I did like! God doesn't love us any less, nor does He punish us. There is always a plan whether it makes sense to us or not. 

Sunday Noah decided it was party of 1 up in his crib at 6 AM! So Daddy went to join him and allowed me to grab a sleep in! 

I managed to finally get Gracie shaved right down and she is feeling much better!! We finally got a rain day, sucks it was the weekend, but it was very much needed around here and it should help the seed and fertilizer. We managed to get caught up on a lot of housework! 

Laundry was put away, bathrooms were cleaned, kitchen appliances were scrubbed down, fridge cleaned out, put fresh bedding on the bed and the pool was vacuumed. We decided to hit up Costco so I could take advantage of their planters on sale! We ended up buying a lot more than that! We are fully stocked with loads of fruits, ribs, Apple juice, lunch meat, chicken for dinner, brownie mix, raisins, kitty litter and M got a pair of jeans that will fit! Apparently everyone and their brother enjoys shying at Costco when it rains, but it was a good outing! Plus Noah tried an ice cream cone for the first time:

He loves ice cream, but we have never let him eat it from a cone, just a spoon, but boy did he enjoy it! Costco has the best soft serve!! I was sad he ate most of mine! 

Sunday night was pretty low key! 

Today a couple of my girlfriends, along with Noah and I are heading to Twin Valley Zoo in Brantford (about half an hour away). We are pretty excited, as the zoo isn't too big, but might be a perfect day trip to make often this summer! If Noah enjoys it, I will get a seasons pass if its worthwhile! 


Murdock's mama said...

Yay for productive weekends! Isn't it nice having grandparents that want to take babies for a few hours?

J and A said...

Busy!! Glad you guys had a good weekend minus the rain. I've never has costco ice cream, the line up is always huge and I hate waiting!


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