Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Zoo Trip

Yesterday Noah and I were finally able to check out a little zoo I just discovered close by (within 30 minutes) called the Twin Valley Zoo! It is a much smaller sale zoo, especially when you compare to Calgary or Toronto, but it had a good selection animals including zebras, bears, camels, Tigers, lions, lots of deer, to name some of our favorites!! We went with a couple of friends, and there ended up being 5 moms, 5 toddlers and 4 babies! Surprisingly enough we had no meltdowns either!!

The price going in was great and it turns out when I was leaving, I wanted to buy the seasons pass and they only charged me twice the amount instead of three times the amount of the regular pass and counted today's trip! So for $32 I bought a seasons pass! Can't go wrong with that!! 

I loved that it was not all that busy and Noah was able to get out and wander around a bit on his own! There were no food stations, which was also fine because we packed a picnic lunch. Noah enjoyed pointing to all the different animals and the seasons pass is good until mid-October, so we should actually get lots of use! 

Today's trip was full of babies or pregnant animals, with a few actually attempting to mate right now too in the midst of mating season. They had a baby bear, baby zebra and young tiger! 

I will let the pics do some talking! 

You can see the baby zebra just beside the hay stack!! Soo sweet!! 
Mr. Peacock:

Noah loved the deer and every time he approached the fence they would come running! 

Of course we had to have a picture of these two lions, even though he was grumpy and growling at us. Turns out its mating season and after we passed their enclosure he let out one big roar! You could feel it right through you! He also decided to get frisky with his lady too, but she wa having none of it! 

Such a cute pair! 

When Noah saw this guy he we sure to tell us it was a "kikiki" - a very big one at that!! 

More deer! This little guy loved Noah:

Deep in conversation:

It was soo neat to see him interacting with the animals, looking for them and pointing at them!! 

More time with his buddy: 

After lunch we let the kids play on the play ground: 

Over all it was a perfect day and we can't wait to go back!! You bet you will see more posts from this zoo!! 


Murdock's mama said...

So precious!!

J and A said...

Looks like a great place! We love the zoo for sure. And nice to have a pass cause then it's free and you don't have to stay long and feel bad about it!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a fun day!


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