Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Butterfly Conservatory

Yesterday was another busy day starting at 2 AM with an intense storm! When I went to bed we had a tornado watch and  the radar wasn't pretty! So of course I awoke when the storm hit! Nothing like 2 AM texting with my sister and watching a crazy light show from my bed! Luckily it was just an intense storm, but it is tornado season now that summer is officially here! I fell back asleep by 4 AM, so needless to say I was starting my day tired!!

I secretly hoped stroller boot camp would be cancelled, but it wasn't! I forgot Noahs soother at home, which is our savings grace these days with these molars! He fussed a few times but as long as I kept him moving he managed! He enjoyed playing with the other kids during yoga though! And aside from being tired, it felt really good! 

We went home for lunch and then  packed back up again and went to the butterfly conservatory in Cambridge! Luckily he fell asleep on the way!

We met up with my cousin Melissa and her son Gabe who is 5 months!! We were both surprised with how small it was, but it really was an experience! 

They literally just fly all around you, often at eye level!

Looking at them all:

Of course he wanted in the water!! Silly boy! 

The venue was really small though, I'd say we walked around it 5 times or so and we're still only an hour and that was with sitting on various spots too! But it was something special to see! 

Afterwards we hit up the $200 club... Aka Costco.... I did manage to get Noah a new life jacket, oh and a $5 jumbo bag of jujubes! Everything always adds up at that store!! 

It really cooled off last night, so we when we got home we changed Noah into some pants and a long sleeve tee and he played outside for a bit with Daddy! M also got the solar boxes done and started hooking them up!! Pool heat is coming soon!! 

This morning Noah is getting his 3rd hair cut! Man his hair grows fast!! I'm also hoping to get lots of housework done today and I need to go get a highlight kit to fix my roots!! I also get to meet our friends new baby this afternoon, which will be fun!! 


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Tornado watch sounds scary! Glad we don't have to deal with those very often!

There is a butterfly conservatory at the Zoo here! We love going there! It's neat to see all the butterflies flying around and landing so close by!

Noah is such a water baby!

$200 club? It's more like a $400 club here! Can never just buy what I need!

3rd haircut? Leo will likely need one in the next couple of months.

Living out of Wedlock said...

What a neat place, I gotta see if we have one here in Kansas City! I love how you call it the $200 club, it always somehow adds up in that amount ao that is the perfect name!

Murdock's mama said...

Sound like a fun day. I'm glad to hear the storms weren't too damaging--we've had some bad ones in Iowa lately, too. Agreed...we never get out of Costco for less than $200 {I swear everything you pick up is $10/20 and before you know it you went in for a $20 item and come out with $200 of stuff!!}

J and A said...

Looks like a great place! We love the one at the zoo here!
Oh Costco yeah we always cheer is it's under 200, I try to go when I have a short list, it just adds up.


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