Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Yup it's a Tuesday Weekend Rewind kind of post today... Not sure where our day went yesterday, but it was busy.

Friday night was ball, they won! Noah stayed awake the whole game, which was pretty much my fault because he fell asleep in the truck on the way there the 2nd time... Because we realized I forgot his bottle half way there the first time... Yup Mommy's apparently forget things too and this was something I couldn't go without! But he was well behaved for the most part and fell asleep in the way home! 

Much to my pleasant surprise, he also slept in until 10 AM the next morning!! 

He wasn't a bear or anything all day either, so it was a win! M was working his last Saturday for the spring, so Noah and I got caught up on some laundry and housework! 

When M did get home we went outside planned the pool stairs, vacuumed the pool, jacked up the deck stairs, cut the grass all while entertaining Noah of course! 

We bbq'd some sausage and then went for a walk after dinner! 

Sunday morning Noah slept in again until 9ish! Go figure the days he sleeps in, I can't! Sunday was a busy day, so we decided a low key morning was best! We played outside for a bit in the morning, cleaned the pool cover and M pulled some weeds. 

I tried using my infinity curler on my shorter hair for the firstime and loved the way it turned out and that it only took 10 minutes to do!

We headed to London in the afternoon to tour my Grandma's old house! We have soo many memories there, it was great to take Noah there and get sone pics of him in the house! The house is mostly the same, which was nice to see!! I did feel like the backyard was smaller, but maybe because I was soo young then and everything's bigger through a kids eyes! 

We went out for dinner to Boss Hogs for my Dads birthday! Noah was soo well-behaved during the whole dinner, we were shocked!

We got home around 8 PM and of course he was wide awake after sleeping in the car ride home! So we let him play for a bit before starting the bedtime routine! 

Monday morning he slept in again, I think because he was up a little later again the night before, but once he got up and breakfast we headed over to playgroup! 

It was a rain day, so we were able to have lunch with Daddy after (and Grandma and Grandpa too). When we got home, he played for a bit and then had a monster afternoon nap! 

Last night was rough, he woke up at about 9:30 and didn't go back to sleep until 12, much my surprise he slept in again this morning, I had to wake him so we could goto stroller boot camp! I didn't want wake him, he was completely asleep still, but I did. The class was good, I'm glad we went and then we had a little impromtu play date after!! 


J and A said...

What a good weekend! Noah is so good at sleeping in. No matter what time D is up until she never sleeps in. Up at her regular time!! Silly girl. So special to be able to tour that house again and with your family!

Hilary said...

Don't you love sleep ins? Beckett has gotten really good about waking up - he just chills there until you come get him, which is AMAZING on the weekends. I'm usually up between 6:30-8 anyway, but it's nice to lay in bed and watch TV and slowly wake up rather than be woken up by a screaming baby!

Murdock's mama said...

What a great weekend! How special that you got to tour your grandmas old house! I can't even imagine having a kid that slept in! 99% of the time our kids are up by 7a. I remember a handful of times that one or the other has slept in until 8. Crazy! {& I'm jealous!!} :)

Cole said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm glad you had so much fun!


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