Thursday, June 4, 2015


I am currently loving the following:

This cellphone case... Aka my new otterbox. I'm sure I mentioned this previously, but I cracked my brand new phone screen a few weeks ago and yes, I did have a case on it, but just a cheap one and clearly it didn't hold up! I knew I would need an Otterbox, but I didn't want the same as everyone else, so I found this official Otterbox brand, but bought it off amazon. Now my phone is safe and stylish still! 

I am loving that M's crazy spring rush is almost over! There is light at the end of the tunnel and rumour has it this may* be the last weekend he has to work for a while, which will be soo nice! It will also be nice to have him home a more decent time so he can not only hang out with Noah, but we can maybe have dinner as a family! 

This also means the deck up to the pool will be built! 

I am loving that I have someone to make me a few tees locally! This means my Proud Mama shirt that I ordered from the states that is too short - I will have one that fits and I will get my Luke Bryan tank finally too! I am providing the shirts, so I know they will fit and she stands behind her products and will fix them if they don't hold up! 

I am loving these 3:

Gracie girl is soo much happier being shaved down!! Especially with this amazing weather we are getting!! 

I actually did love stroller boot camp, it was fun, it was social, a couple of my other girlfriends are doing it as well, so it is a nice catch up! I didn't feel a difference in my arms, so I think I will up the weights to 15 pounds next week, but boy did my butt and thighs kill from all the squats and lunges - I hate lunges haha. Noah co-operated, it was tough because it was during when he would usually nap and of course he got up earlier that day. So he fussed a bit, but it was manageable. He was one of the older kids there, I think there was one 3 year old, otherwise the babies were all under one. I didn't get much out of the yoga, because I had to let Noah out of his stroller - there's no way he would sit still, so I was busy chasing him around for that part, but I am not a big yoga fan anyways. 

I'm loving that it is now nap time, so I think I might have one myself now! 


Alana Livingston said...

I LOVE that phone case! It's sooo cute!
I'm glad the boot camp went well!

J and A said...

Cute iphone case! Boo to breaking it!! I just have a bumper on mine and seems to protect it well, I drop it alot! ha ha Glad bootcamp went well!!


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