Friday, June 26, 2015

Fun on Friday!!

Holidays officially start today for this little fam-jam!! Just in time for the long weekend, which happens to be a big weekend in the village with all sorts of activities going on!!

Last night we finished the pool railing and set up the yard just like we wanted!! We are really happy with how it turned out!! Noah is complaining either!! 

You can see the fabric gate I just rolled down for the picture! We need to put a dowel in the center of it because it sags a bit in the middle! But it works for now and does the job! Here is the one for the small stairs! We can use it at the top or bottom of the stairs which is handy!! Thank you Pinterest!!

We used a heavy rubberized back canvas to help withstand outdoor use! Then trimmed it with left over chair fabric for a pop of color!! 

Noahs play area all set up! We still plan to get AstroTurf for under it, depending on the cost of course because cutting the grass around it is pretty tricky! And the pool just kills the grass anyways! 

Can you find Noah in there?? Lol! 

I will snap a few of the full yard soon!! As I mentioned we plan to deck the patio area now instead of attempting to make it smooth! We just love how the stairs turned out!! 

While we were pruning the front garden this week we found a giant toad, so of course we had to show Noah!! He was fearless and wanted to touch it right away!! Luckily it kept jumping away from him! At one point he was crawling in the garden after it!! 

Mid jump! 

This weekend was supposed to be super nice but now they are calling for rain all weekend!! Boo!! Mike is all ball tournament tonight and tomorrow! We will be hosting the ball team as well, so I'm praying they are just exaggerating the weather - wouldn't be the first time!! 

Tonight there is a dance at the ball park which works well with Mikes game time! My mom is coming down to watch Noah and then tomorrow there is a parade and various activities going! 

Sunday we the firemans breakfast and fireworks! 

Hope everyone has a safe and fun long weekend!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Your yard looks awesome and I love the fabric gates! Look at his play area! Avery would be jealous ;)
Have a great weekend!

Leigh said...

Your backyard looks wonderful! Isn't the holiday on Wednesday? It's supposed to be super hot here this weekend so I'm jealous of your pool!

J and A said...

You had a long weekend? We could have used your pool this weekend!! No one has pools in Calgary though! Gates are great.


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