Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday Things

Happy October friends!! Crazy to think fall is actually upon us!! And today's weather is a chilly 13 degrees (Celcius). You bet we will be busting out coats, boots for me and maybe some leggings!!

I am feeling much more refreshed after a good night of sleep after such a long day yesterday!! What went down? Well we got a dreaded phone call at 2 AM saying Dad was headed to hospital via ambulance after passing up when he got up in the middle of the night. My Dad had been having issues with his heart for about a month now that that doctors have failed at diagnosing properly. My sister headed right up while I stayed home awaiting news. The Emerg doctor was just horrible and had no interest in treating my Dad at all and made it known. She dismissed his ambulance ECG's that showed big problems. Luckily she had no choice to keep him until she was done her shift, when the next doctor ordered him to see the internist on call and repeat blood work. 

I made it up at 8 AM for an hour before having to come back home to watch Noah while M's Mom had some running around she had to do and then she agree to take him afterwards again. I felt horrible because I know she was trying to get ready for their trip to Italy that they leave for today! If course when I left the second time to drop Noah off at the farm, Felix escaped outside and I did not have time to play his game so I ended up leaving him outside. 

While I was gone Dad managed to have 15 episodes of vtach within an hour, so they finally admitted him. I stopped at Dads on my way back up let the dog out and gather his belongings. We finally saw a doctor after getting situated in his new room who explained everything and came up with a game plan to get the testing he needed done. 

Noah refused to nap for Grandma of course, so I picked up a very tired little boy at 5:00. When we got home we found Felix crying at the door to get back in and he had a warm welcome by all the cats - including Binx who does not like him! 

We got dinner going and he scarfed that down and then of course he was a walking zombie and ending up falling and hitting his head on a shelf giving himself a giant goose egg on the back! 

Let's just say Daddy got home just in time to get him going with his bedtime routine and off to bed early he went!  I will be honest, I wasn't far behind!! I did of course watch the first Jays game of the double header to see them take a big win for divisional champs!! 


Murdock's mama said...

So sorry to hear about you stressful! I hope he's on the mend!

Stacy said...

Sorry to hear about your dad! Talking about cold temps...we had a frost advisory last night and there was frost on the car when I got was a chilly 4 degrees!

P!nky said...

So sorry about your dad, I am sending prayers to him and your family!!! <3

Hilary said...

I hope your dad is doing better!

13C? I Googled that - it's cold!!! Lol. Our temp dropped from the 80s to 70s today and I was whining. I guess I should quit my complaining!


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