Sunday, December 6, 2015

22 Weeks with Baby V2

How Far Along: 

22 weeks

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Still mixing it up where I can, but mostly maternity clothes!! 

Stretch Marks?
Nope, but I am putting on oil when I remember to! 

We will find out in April!! I am really aching to find out lately, but M is making me promise not to find out!! 

We will share in April, our girl names are pretty much set, but boy names are very few, I will say we have two contenders and two middle names all picked out! 

My throat has been super sore and with my cold it is making me sleep with my mouth open, which is making for a very dry mouth. I'm considering trying out the new pregnancy pillow I mentioned a few weeks back, as the boomerang pillow is annoying me lately. 

More Wendy's frosties!!

Felt the first kicks on the outside this week!!! Soo exciting!! This baby likes to play!

Weight Gain:
Roughly 11 pounds. 

Pretty good overall, my cold was mostly gone by the end of the week!! Backaches are persistent by the end of the day. 

What I Miss?
Can't think of anything.

Items Bought for Baby:
Nothing this week! 

What the doctor had to say? 
My blood pressure is starting to go up, as it naturally should, but my OB is staying on top of it, as this is around the same time mine started to climb when pregnant with Noah too. So I am back in 2 weeks. But everything checked out good with the baby's heart and face, which is what they were looking at with the ultrasound this week!! Baby was super active! 

Having Noah moved over to his big boy room, so we can start prepping the nursery for the baby (fill the drawers, etc. Feeling the baby's first kicks on the outside!! Seeing Baby V2 again this week!!
We also took advantage of a date night for the fireman's Christmas party and I am happy to say I made it on two feet this year - you may recall when I was pregnant last time for this party, our date night ended us up in Emerg and I fractured my ankle! We did enjoy our night out!

Belly Button?
In, but I will say it is getting shallower already! 

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward to: 
Decorating for Christmas! 

These posts will be a week behind, as I am now 23 weeks. 


purpun said...

I love your bump - so smooth and looks up high! Are you feeling baby up at your ribs yet?

J and A said...

Lookin good! I don't know how you guys don't find out! ha ha It would kill me! :) Glad you guy got a date night!


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