Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Our weekend was crazy busy with a lot of Christmas activities. 

Friday night was pretty basic. We played, ate pizza and went to bed! 

Saturday morning was when all the fun began. We had breakfast with Santa. M was off early to respond to a medical call and then to help setup for the breakfast as it was at the fire hall. Crazy to look at Noah's pic from last year and compare it to this year:

We didn't get any smiles on Santas lap this year, but we didn't get any tears either, so I am calling it a win!!

Isn't the difference crazy?? He is not a baby at all anymore!! We enjoyed pancakes and sausage for breakfast, cooked by the infamous Daddy:

Grandma and Grandpa came too, along with my sister and the kids. It was a nice morning. Noah really enjoyed himself and of course before we left we had to check out the fire trucks! M was home by noon, so we had lunch and played for a bit after lunch. We put Noah down for a nap and M took Gracie into Pet Valu to bath her. We love bathing her there, as it is only $10 to use their facility and that includes their shampoo, scrubber, raised tub, towels and high powered blow dryer. It is awesome and Gracie enjoyed picking a snack on her way out of course! M had to make a quick stop and then get a car wash. However, he still managed to be gone for 2.5 hours! While he was gone, I emailed some photos, made a double freezer batch of cookie dough, and worked on laundry. 

Noah had a monster 3 hr nap! Before we knew it, M was heading out to the parade, as he was in it with the fire department. I fed Noah dinner and then it was pretty much time to go! Grandma and Grandpa came over to watch the parade with us, so we headed out!

Noah absolutely loved the parade and actually we did too, it was really well done!! Noah would respond with "wow" often and the look on his face was priceless:

I absolutely love watching him experience new things and the joy of season!! 

Before bed, Grandma and Grandpa popped back in after they went for dinner (we ordered take out). Noah was tired, but he was also just too excited I think after the parade. He put up quite the struggle and ended up putting himself to sleep for the first time in his new room and bed, but at 10 PM! 

Sunday morning M got up with Noah and I slept in until 9 AM! It was fantastic after my week last week! Noah and M were downstairs cleaning, putting away Christmas bins, and organizing the office. They actually got a lot accomplished! I managed to shower and get laundry going and next thing we knew it was lunch time and time to get ready to got the farm for a family Chrstmas! 

We had a few gifts to wrap and Noah thought picking the paper was the best job ever!! Such a fun age!! 

Then he thought he would help Daddy with the wrapping:

We headed to the farm around 1:30, Grandma put Noah down for a nap and we enjoyed some apps and then a delicious Cesar salad and lasagna! We were stuffed! Noah napped for about an hour and a half and the weather was only getting foggier, so we did presents right away. Noah wasn't too sure at first, as he was just waking up still, but he got the hang of it! Oh and I forgot to mention it was an ugly Christmas Sweater party! 

Noah made out well, he got a new tractor, a giant floor puzzle, a little critters collection book, another tractor, fireman dress up costume, with rain boots, a new stuffed elephant with a baby elephant and a sound puzzle! He was a happy boy!! 

Here is our ugly sweater photo:

Mike was my my elf on a shelf, and my sweater filled in Santas belly! Noah's had a bear on it! 

We had an awesome before bed snuggle on the couch having his milk and attempted to call it a night. He was exhausted once again, but put up a stink going to bed again and ended up putting himself to sleep.

We are hoping the sleep fairy visits this week to help make up for the missed sleep last week and here is to hoping for a easier going week for the little guy! He did have a great weekend, as did we and our days are only getting busier! But I am happy to say we are all done Christmas shopping, aside from stocking stuffers and dinner related items! 

Our Monday is off to a great start with a sleep in until 8:15 and the sun is shining!! I don't think we saw the sun last week more than once and that was Friday! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Noah does so well with Santa!No tears is all you can hope for at 2 ;)
So jealous of the 3 hour nap!! A did not nap yesterday and it was rough for us all.
Yay for being almost done shopping!! I always think I am done and then remember things I forgot!

Leigh said...

Busy weekend you had! Love the comparison pictures of Noah and to see how much they have grown


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