Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday's Five

This week has been rough, I won't even pretend it hasn't been. Noah has just been out of sorts all week and so far today is off to a much better start.

Yesterday I somehow ended up in my pjs all day until it came time to goto the cookie swap. That should tell you how frustrating yesterday was. I managed to get a 45 minute nap out of my child, who needed like a 3 hour nap... Soo cranky! 

The cookie swap was great! We somehow managed to screw up our numbers and were one short, so that made for an interesting resolution!! But we got it figured out! 

Yes I look tired... But like I mentioned above, yesterday and this whole week have been rough. 

I am waiting for the next batch of Christmas presents to come in and then we just have a few presents left to get! Feels great to get to have this much shopping done already!

The sun is actually shining today! We haven't seen it all week, so it is a welcoming change! Not to mention it is supposed to double digits (10) today! I will say we are lucky to be having such a mild winter so far! 

This weekend will be busy! We have breakfast with Santa tomorrow morning and then we have the Santa Claus parade tomorrow night. We are also hoping to take Gracie in to get a bath before the Christmas celebrations begin! Which we have our first Family Christmas celebration on Sunday at the farm and its an ugly Christmas sweater party. 

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!! 


Stacy said...

We are in the double digits too - crazy...we broke a record yesterday and I am pretty sure again today. At 6:30 this morning, it was already 9 degrees and it's supposed to be 11 today. Hey, I'll take it. I am not a snow lover (only on Christmas Eve).

Hope your weekend is better than your week has been!

Our Santa Claus Parade is this weekend too...Saturday night, Parade of Lights!

Have a great weekend

Sarah Alway said...

Oh man, isn't it the WORST when they need a nap and just won't let it happen?! That always ruins my day. The cookie swap looks like it was lots of fun though!


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