Monday, December 21, 2015

{ Weekend Rewind }

My intentions to blog on Friday are lagging right now with the holidays, and now because of said holidays, I'm falling behind in the posts I need to get up this week!! So hopefully I will manage a post every day this week and I might even have to combine two posts into one!!

Moving on to our weekend. Friday morning Noah went to the farm so that I could get an hour and but in to clean the house. I managed to get all the laundry put away and clean up the bedroom! I really slacked on picture taking this weekend!! Oops!!

Friday night Noah was super snugly and only wanted his mama, which I was happy to oblige and I put him to bed. Crazy to think when these special moments happen, I soak them in and find myself almost teary because all that goes through my mind is how fast he is growing up and he won't want to do this forever. He ended up staying up later due to a longer nap in the day, but he just wouldn't settle easily. Luckily we have it to the point where we don't have to keep going up, we can call up the stairs and tell him to back in bed and go to sleep and he gets back in bed and tries to sleep! He eventually gave up!

Saturday morning we all slept I until just after 8, I didn't sleep well and ended up with a headache again at 3 AM, so M let me sleep in until 9! We woke up to a skiff of snow on the ground and it continued to come down. Noah was just mesmerized with it, it was such a distraction for him.

We decided we would brave the dollar store and Walmart and get everything we need for the week and Christmas dinners, etc. We are officially done shopping. We got home around noon, had lunch, played for a little bit and then put Noah down for his nap, while M and I cleaned most of the main floor. When Noah woke up, we did a few crafts including this one:

M and Noah cleaned up the basement while I showered and got ready for the business Christmas party over at the pub here in the village!

Noah was a champ during dinner, we were so impressed with him. Of course he had to sit with Grandpa but overall he behaved great for being at a restaurant for so long! We went straight into bedtime routine (tubby time, milk, book and bed) and then M and I worked on wrapping a batch of presents!

Sunday morning we were all up just after 8 and got straight to work with finishing up cleaning the house (floors, kitchen), made taco dip, baked somemore cookies, and when Noah went down for his nap M went to get beer and extra chairs.

Family started showing up after 2 and of course Noah only napped for 45 minutes. The kids opened presents, which Noah got a new digger, a new truck and 2 books! Then we played a gift game with adults, which is always fun! M ended up with a cookie tin and I got a bag full of 3M products including a whole whack of washi tape!!

We had 16 people all seated around our dining room table, it was very tight, but we managed. We made the ham and had everyone else bring a part of the rest of the meal, so we ended up with scalloped potatoes, mixed veggies, buns and for dessert we had apple crisp and a pumpkin cake, as well as a whole assortment of homemade cookies!!

The only picture I managed to take was of Noah and Hannah!! 

I promise to take more pictures of Christmas haha! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I can hardly believe Christmas is at the end of THIS week!! Where did this year go??? 

Oh and that bit of snow you saw above has melted and we are now getting dumped on with rain today!! 


Murdock's mama said...

What a fun weekend! I can't believe it's almost Christmas!!!

Kristina said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Our weekend was all about rest. After the croup and Jack's visit to the hospital last week we want him to rest up so he's healthy enough for Christmas! I wish he was feeling better. I braved Walmart on Sunday night and it was a disaster. I had to pick up some cleaning stuff and a gift card. It was a reminder why I love shopping early and shopping on line!!!

J and A said...

What a fun weekend! Craft, family, snuggles!! whoo hoo!


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