Monday, December 7, 2015

{ Weekend Rewind }

This past weekend was super busy, just as I expect every weekend coming up through December to be!! But it was fun none the less!

Friday night I went over to J's to get our Christmas boards done. I have yet to post about our Halloween boards, but now that our Christmas ones are done too (on the same board just back and front), I should probably get that post ready!! Here is a sneak peek of my board. I will hopefully get the planter ready outside and snap a pic soon as well!!
Saturday morning Noah stuck to the trend of waking up around 6:30 AM... not my thing... and luckily Daddy was home to deal this weekend! Although I ended up being awake the whole time, I rested in bed as long as I could until M had to go to work for a few hours to survey! So in the mean time Noah and  I got some laundry done, Noah had a quick morning nap and I showered during that time. We had to run onto town to drop off my Christmas Swap gift to my sister, so my partner (Anna) could pick it up from her place (yay for close swap partners to save on shipping)

When M got home just after lunch, he put Noah down for a nap and I got my Christmas baking done for the village moms cookie swap. 7.25 dozen cookies made, I only needed 5.5 for the swap, so I did make some extra, but I think I will make maybe 2 more batches of freezer dough! I ended up over buying on my supplies, not realizing that 3 batches made that many!

Noah had a monster nap, which honestly, he really needs! This poor kid is behind on sleep and I am not sure if its the new bedroom transition or teething causing the problem, but he is just not sleeping the same! So when he woke up from nap time we let him try his very first homemade cookie! He wasn't too sure, but was super excited and ended up devouring it! Look at his little smile:

Saturday night M and I had the fireman's Christmas party, so M's parents came over to babysit and took Noah out for dinner while we got ready! 

 Noah enjoyed his night with Grandma and Grandpa and even went to bed like a champ!! We enjoyed our little night out and were constantly joking about the last time I was pregnant and going to this party, we didn't make it because I fractured my ankle and ended up in the ER. Yes, I am being overly cautious now with this pregnancy and praying my bones hold up this time!

Sunday morning Noah was up at 6:40 again. I managed a real sleep in until 9 AM and felt great! Today was the day we Christmasified the house! So we brought up the tree and bins and this little guy was already getting excited!

We had to change the room around, so that took some time, but we managed to get the tree up before nap time and we even enjoyed a little buffet lunch, which Noah surprised us with doing so well with!
We decorated the house with the decor while Noah was napping, put up the train track system on the tree and I got the garland on the tree.

Noah had to measure the tree apparently!

I will say seeing Gracie laying by the tree made me miss Lily like crazy. I ended up in tears before I knew it remembering just how much Lily enjoyed Christmas - it was her favorite holiday!! 

Noah only napped for an hour and then we decided we would head into town, we had some shingles to return and a few gifts to pick up! We are soo close to being done Christmas shopping, with just a few people left on our list to buy for!
We decided to pick up pizza for dinner and invited M's parents over to help decorate the tree! Noah wasn't too interested in putting ornaments on, and really just wanted the train to keep going around! Train obsessed!!

The finished product:

Today I am happy to report Noah slept in until 7:45, which is soo much better for this mama!! We are just about to head off to play group and hopefully have a nice low-key day!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Cute Christmas board! My Mom made me a few to pick from, so I need to pick now.
I have to bake 6 dozen for a cookie swap and not ready to tackle the task! haha. How long did that take you?
Avery is a cookie monster, I literally have to pretend there is only one if I bake in front of her and hide the rest!
Glad you had no broken bones and the party this year!

Murdock's mama said...

What an great weekend!


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