Thursday, December 3, 2015

Summer Fun Recap 2015

This summer was filled with fun, so just to be able to recap what all went down this summer, I have been compiling a list of what all we did, so I won't forget!!

- zoo trips!! (4 to be exact)

- trip to the cottage in Grand Bend
- quad rides - Noah knows how to start them now! 
- I ran my first 5K!!! It was slow, but an awesome start. I was only a few weeks in before I had to stop because I was pregnant (Drs reccomendation), but I look forward to picking it back up when I am able to post baby. 
- shopping
- beach trip 
- boating and seadooing

- built a deck and stairs up to the pool

- we visited the butterfly conservatory
- swimming in the pool and the lake
- we visited my Grandma's old house where I had a ton of memories. I loved seeing Noah in the same yard and house where I had so much fun!
- backhoe and tractor rides
- bbq'd and had play dates with friends and family
- we celebrated birthdays and anniversary's
- fireworks
- campfires - granted Noah has been sleeping during these for safety reasons
- splash pad (2)
(Yes Noah is in there... Covered in water...)
- RTVing
- flying on an airplane (2)
- visiting cousin Jenna's in Saskatchewan 
- sleeping in a camper for the first time
- horse back riding
- we went to the farm show
- we said goodbye to our Lily girl!! Miss her like crazy every single day!
 - we took family photos
- becoming a BIG brother!
 - seeing the baby and his/her heart beating!! Soo special!!

It was a busy summer to say the least, but it was awesome and one I don't think we will forget!! Traveling alone with your toddler in the earliest weeks of your pregnancy with a busy toddler to say the least was very exhausting, but it was an opportunity we couldn't out on and it was already booked before we found out we were expecting. We found out the week before we left! 

But it was a great summer, we had lots of fun with friends and family and created lots of memories!! Noah did awesome with swimming and is just like his mom and dad - a water rat! He doesn't want to get out!!  Having our Brantford Zoo pass was a nice thing to have this summer as we managed to at least get the cost of the pass in, plus one extra trip I think. Our last trip there was definitely our best, as Noah was really interested in all the animals!! 

Backhoe, tractor, RTVing, and quad rides will never get old with this little guy!! I'm sure we did more, but that at least sums up the biggest events that took place!!!


Kristin said...

What an awesome summer!!!

Leigh said...

You guys had a fun summer!

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome summer! <3


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