Wednesday, December 30, 2015

25 Weeks with Baby #2

How Far Along: 
25 weeks

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Yes! The bump is large and in charge! I'm definetely bigger than I was at Christmas when pregnant with Noah! Here are a few family pics showing what I have been wearing this week:

Stretch Marks?
Nope, trying to remember to put oil on at least once a week! 

We will find out in April!! 

We will share in April, our girl names are pretty much set, but boy names are very few, I will say we have two contenders and two middle names all picked out! 

Hit and miss! Napping has been a necessity lately. 

Lemonade does not taste good anymore AT ALL!! 

Seeing this baby move from the outside is a constant these days and soo amusing. Baby is a kicking and punching machine and feels to be still head up in my ribs and feet down, straight ip the middle.

Weight Gain:
Roughly 13 pounds. 

Pretty good. Headaches are still coming and going and I'm tired, but likely due to the holiday rush more than anything! I'm an emotional mess!! 

What I Miss?
Can't think of anything.

Items Bought for Baby:
Baby got a few things under the tree this year, which I will share next week when I'm a bit more organized!!

What the doctor had to say? 
No appointment this week!

Celebrating Christmas with our families, watching Noah enjoy the magical season, otherwise it was a quiet week before Christmas, as we stayed in to avoid all the sicknesses going around! 

Belly Button?
In, but I will say it is getting shallower!

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward to: 
Bringing in the new year

These posts will be a week behind, as I am now 26 weeks.

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