Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday's Five

Ya for a weekend without any commitments, aside from gymnastics that is! Yes, you bet we will get some work done around the house, but you can also bet that we will not feel any rush in getting it done!! Oh and it's supposed to rain all weekend!

I do need to go back to Costco to pick up the canvas of Emilya up for our bedroom, and then I am considering a little shopping trip - kids free perhaps? What can I say it has been a long week and this mama needs a break away. 

Noah has been totally acting out as a two year old this week, pretty much just being defiant and doing what he knows he shouldn't do, therefore this mama's patience is shot! He was also waking up at 6 AM, so I am sure that attributed to the problem, so after a big discussion last night, he was informed that if it is still dark outside than he can't get up yet and I am happy to report we had a normal wake up time and so far (knock on wood) we are having a much better day!! 

Yesterday we had his 2nd Music in Motion class and well, I am thinking it went better than that first class but I wasn't there to truly compare. We had some tears, a whole lot of "I'm ready to go home" and a little boy that just wanted his mama to be with him. We stuck it out, I managed to sneak away
from him a few times, but over all he just isn't comfortable with the class yet! I know a lot of people's approach is to just rip off the bandaid and let him cry it out for the class, but that's not my approach. I want him to be comfortable and yes, the ultimate goal is to have him be in the class without me, but it's not something he HAS to do at this point! Not to mention there are 3/10 kids without their parent, so 7 other parents are in there with thier kids too. He is only 2 and he is fine with leaving me for other things, but he's just not comfortable there yet. I signed him up for the class to enjoy it, not to freak him out and have a negative experience. 

Remember how I said I sorted through the kids clothes and got their drawers done? Well looks like I need to do it again for BOTH kids! Emilya needs her 9 month sleepers, because the little miss is long and 6 months are getting to short, everything else is pretty much fine,  but if I'm pulling 9 month sleepers, you bet I'm pulling 9 month everything. And Mr. Noah needs pants... 4T, you know the size I suspected he would need? Well I was actually right and now need to pull out all his 3T pants and pjs. The 4T's are too big, but 3T's are too short - they should really make half sizes! 


purpun said...

I hear you on the kids' clothes! I just washed (& admired) all the fall/winter stuff for both kids - the fun part! But next up is going through their wardrobes and dividing up all the summer stuff - the hard part!
My plan of action is making piles of outgrown to give away, outgrown to keep (this pile always ends up much bigger than it should be), hand me downs (Josie has some "boyish" sleepers), and keep for next summer.
How do you do it?

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Enjoy your quiet weekend! I am having a hard time finding pants in stores for C since she is so skinny and has long legs - opposite of Avery! IG shops leggings are the best, but also $$.
I hear you on the class thing with Noah. Avery freaked out in yoga this week and while she has to keep going since I am paying for it but goal is to make it fun for her and not something she dreads.


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