Thursday, March 16, 2017

3 Things Thursday

1) Pink eye sucks... no I haven't got it yet, but Noah did share his cold with me and not being able to take cold meds, all while dealing with cranky kids makes me want to quit breastfeeding on the spot. But I won't, because that would be crazy, but I am going crazy and not feeling great!!  Not to mention the whole disinfect the whole house, including all the toys... can we just call in the haz-mat?? I will start tomorrow when M gets home from work. We are just past the whole goopy, yucky stage, so I will give it tomorrow and then it's going down! I'm excited to try my new on guard cleaner!!
       2) We were able to break quarantine last night, technically we were only under quarantine for the first 24 hours after we started antibiotics, but we gave it an extra day and noticed a big change in Em yesterday. Noah seems to just have the cold, as his eyes aren't really weeping, but we are treating him anyways just to be safe.    
 So anyways, I had made dinner reservations two weeks ago for dinner with the Paw Patrol at Boston Pizza. Sky and Chase were there, Noah was excited, but honestly our last dinner at Eastside's was way better. We waited over an hour for our food, they screwed up my order, my lettuce was not fresh. The kids did pretty good considering we didn't start eating until after 6 PM, which just doesn't work for us! I only managed to get one dark photo of Noah giving Chase a hug. And they just disappeared without announcing they were done, which really annoyed me, considering how long we waited and we told Noah he could see them when he was done.
3) The time change has been great for the most part, with only one problem going down... this girl hasn't napped good ALL week. Now yes, we are dealing with pink eye and hopefully that is the culprit, but I'm thinking we may begin to try dropping the morning nap! She is sleeping in until 8, and if she naps too late in the morning, than she doesn't nap well in the afternoon and Noah naps in the afternoon, so clearly I would rather her nap while Noah does! Hello-Mama-time!! So we will
 likely give that a try? I don't love changing the kids schedules, I overthink it and chicken out. 

In the meantime, I will soak up the snuggles and cringe through the screamfests, and hope that we will get a solution figured out soon!!



Leigh said...

Is there no safe meds to take for a cold while breast feeding? I'm not sure I had a cold at all when I was BF Amelia.

J and A said...

Hope everyone is better!!
How come you can't take meds?


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