Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Whirlwind

Our weekend has been CRAZY!! And our idea of a 3 day project... will actually spill into Monday, why? Let's find out shall we??   
 M took Friday off to get started on the closet, while I attempted to keep the kids busy. So while Em napped, Noah and I went to check out his new preschool!! We are on a wait list, but no one is ahead of us, is that much is good. 
The lady that runs it, said she would try to squeeze him in whenever she could to get him started. The program runs from 8:30-11:30, is just around the corner from us and is run by the school board.      He did love it!! He was a bit shy with the teacher, but had no problem socializing with the other kids! I know leaving him will be an issue, so I tried to bring his attention to the fact that no parents were there, just lots of kids having fun! But we will see how it goes!   
 It was long after we got home that my cousin came over for a lunch date. The kids played for a bit, before we got them ready for a picnic style lunch in the great room! It didn't work out the best, but it worked, the kids and ate and Noah slowing began to fall apart as nap time was behind schedule. Once they left, we got both kids down. The key was trying to be quiet while working in the mudroom, as it is right below Noah's room!!        
 After nap, Noah really wanted to help Daddy, so we let him, which of course slows things down a bit, but he was really good!!       

 M and I were toying with the idea of moving the washer and dryer, but in the end, we decided to just move them down on that wall and then have a laundry cabinet custom built.        
 Saturday was crazy! We started off working on the mudroom, before Noah's swimming lessons! He sure does love the pool!! I have him signed up for gymnastics on Saturday mornings and swimming for both Em and him on Sundays! It will be a big transition time for him, as he will be on his own without us parents in the class with him, so we will see how that goes!! After swimming, we grabbed lunch and a few groceries, before heading to a first birthday party for my cousins son! 
Yes this is officially in naptime territory and a Em did sleep on M's shoulder for a small amount of time, as she also missed her morning nap due to sleeping in! But both kids were doing soo well - we could hardly believe it! 

The rest of the day was spent working on the closet, making supper and entertaining these two!! 

Sunday was spent at home working away on the closet. Noah and I FINALLY watched Finding Dory! Loved it!! 

Miss Emilya turned 11 months old and we re-introduced her walker and she did soo well with it! Crazy the difference a couple weeks make?? Clearly she is going through a growth spurt right now because she is not going to bed very well or settling very easy.... but she is soo stinking cute and I can hardly believe she is 11 months. Party planning is in full force over here!!

These two had one heck of a good play outside and we have been working on training Maggie, she is getting pretty big (as you can see) and very trainable, she is just stubborn, but we will work it out! 

Depite the chaos in the house, we did make a roast beef dinner!! We let the kids stay up a bit later, to see if it would encourage Noah to sleep later (news flash, it didn't, he woke earlier) and then I attempted mudding the walls and corners in the mudroom, because well, let's just say it's not Mike's strong point. Mike built the closet organizer at least while I was doing that.    And then Miss Em decided to wake up at 11 and stay up until after 2 AM... fun times I tell ya. And then Mr. Noah woke up at 6 AM...   So I am trying a new essential oil blend today from DōTERRA called cheer and soo far it is helping!! It might just become my new fave!!  


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