Thursday, March 2, 2017

Weekend Rewind

Just when you think things might slow down after vacation, they don't! We had another busy weekend under our belts!!

Friday night I went to my friends house to help her pack. We tackled her closet, got caught up on each other lives and had quite a few laughs!! It was fun, just like the good old days :)

Saturday morning I started painting Noah's room!! Buying black paint was daunting enough, but actually opening the can and putting it on the walls was soo scary! I would be lying if I didn't second guess it as I was taking before pictures!! BUT, I will say after the paint dried I LOVE it!!! It is the look I was going for, and I cannot wait to get the room put together!!

Noah had swimming, a quick stop at Wal-Mart, picked up lunch and headed home. My Mom came to watch the kids for M and I, so we could go to the fireman's wing night. A lot of drinks were had, the food was good and overall it was a pretty good time!!

Luckily no hangover come Sunday morning - thank you good genes! We had Noah's birthday party with my family planned for 10 AM. So we tidied quickly and then enjoyed some family time to celebrate Noah!

We decided to let the kids build their own pizzas, that was a bit crazy with a hungry three year old, but we made the best of it! The sparklers I bought didn't light properly, so that was a fail, but the cupcakes I made were good! The kids had fun.

Sunday afternoon I finished painting Noah's room and I am soo pleased with how it turned out!! Yes, there will be a post coming up on this. Sunday night impromptu plans came together with the girls to watch the Oscars together. Well, we got together, champagne and all, but we didn't watch the Oscars! It had been a month since we had gotten together, so clearly we had a lot of catching up to do!

 Monday morning came early, as well all headed to Em's audiologist appointment. We decided to finally order Em her own hearing aid. We had been a part of a loaning program to try one out for a bit to see how it worked for us. It was a hard decision to choose the color, as the device is quite pricey and we had to consider various scenarios, but in the end we chose the gold one. The can change the tubing often enough and can have fun with that color-wise, but overall, I want it neutral, I don't want her aid to stand out, so matching her hair was key. We considered the color because it would be easier to find if she pulled it out and we couldn't find it. But I want her to be comfortable around her peers in it and not have it be an obvious device for her.

 After her appointment we headed to the mall for a bit. The kids were great and the mall was not busy. I had a list of NEEDS, not just wants. I needed a swimsuit top that the kids couldn't pull off of me, and that I actually felt comfortable in. I had one in mind and found exactly what I was looking for! And then the lady brought me another one she thought would work well for me and it was great. It fit amazing and well, I ended up with two.

So we grabbed lunch and headed home, and decided new undies and bras could wait. And then the rest of the day went down hill from there because we had a no-nap Noah on our hands!!! He is definitely not ready to start skipping naps, nor is this mama ready!! 

Tuesday Noah went to work with Daddy in the morning, giving me some one on one time with Miss Em, who then spoiled me with a monster morning nap, allowing me to get some computer work done, clear camera cards, etc. 

Yesterday we had the library program in the morning, which Noah was sooo good through, especially since he woke up at 6:30 and then this morning was 6.... so we need to work on that.

Today I had another dentist appointment! One more to go! Well two if you count accomplishing my goal of filling my gap. I can hardly wait and it has gotten me through all of the appointments soo far!! 

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Murdock's mama said...

An oscar party with friends sounds so fun -- great idea!


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