Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Yes, you read that right... we are officially under quarantine! Pink eye is the culprit... both kids... Em is way worse than Noah somehow. Noah has a bit of a cold, but yes, pink eye... soo not fun!! I will give kudos to the kids for being generally happy while under the weather. 
 So our weekend was pretty low key.
      Saturday morning Noah had his last swimming class, at this point we thought Em's eye was just a blocked tear duct. We quickly went to Walmart to make some returns and I ended up spending exactly what I returned, coincidentally- probably couldn't do that again if I tried!!
     We spent the rest of the day getting the mudroom put back together - the good news is, our custom cabinetry will be installed tomorrow night!! We played together, and did some household chores. Before we knew it was bath and bedtime.    
 Sunday the kids slept in!! Thank you time change!!! We were smart and let them stay up a bit later on Sunday and then they slept in until 7:40 this morning... amazing!!!     

 On Sunday we got the dining room back to order, finished decorating Noah's room:

 I promise a post on this to come, now that it is mostly done for now. 
Mikes parents came home from St. Maarten on Saturday night, so we had them over for a roast beef dinner. 

Yesterday I too Miss Em to the doctors to confirm the diagnosis and then to pick up meds. We are treating Noah for it as well, although his isn't as bad. Can I just say how hard putting eye drops in our little girl is? It's a two man job, Noah screams when we do it - trying to protect his sister. It's just all over drama and chaos. I'm dreading cleaning all the toys. Luckily Noah takes the drops like a champ!   

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