Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Rewind

Wow, mid-March already, time just doesn't slow down anymore does it?? I guess it is true when they say time flies when you are having fun!    
I took Noah in the hot tub for the first time and he LOVED it!! He could also touch, which was a big bonus and made him very comfortable in it. 

 Friday night I went to hang out with my girlfriends to celebrate her moving date!!! I'm soo excited for her, her journey hasn't been easy, but there is nothing better than seeing someone soo deserving get a fresh new start. Soo excited for you K!! Love you!!    
 This cold I have is making my nights rough, so when I woke up on Saturday, showered, pumped- which was a joke, now that do not pump anymore I hardly get anything and well let's just say I don't miss that AT all!! But I was planning to be away for the day at my Moms with my sister. Em still nurses 3 times a day (before naps and bed). So after I wasted my time pumping, I played with the kids for a bit before heading out to pick up my sister and head to moms.    
 We helped Mom out by going through paperwork and what not, came across these goods:    

 Leaving the kids is never fun, but coming home was awesome. The warmest welcome from everyone!! Loved it!! 

Sunday morning included a sleep in, and then a Sunday morning play session with these three of course after a snuggle in bed!! Love our Sunday mornings! 
We pretty much just work on things around the house, I had to run into town to get cash for our neighbour who made us a custom cabinet for the mudroom and we needed a few groceries, so I grabbed that too. 
Em is totally into the clumsy baby stage and of course we have her 1 year photo shoot booked and I fear she will be covered in bruises!! 

After the neighbour came over to finish the cabinet, we headed to the farm for some family fun and dinner!! Us girls took the kobota and the boys were on the quad.

We left Grace in the house with Grandma and Grandpa because we knew there was no way she could run along and keep up while we toured to the back of the farm. Maggie had no problem keeping up and when we did offer her a ride, she would superman off of the back of the kobota (not moving). 
They sure did have a lot of fun in the puddle. I shared a video of Maggie wiping out while running through - priceless!  
 After supper Em figured out how to climb into this chair and get seated all by herself and she sure was proud! I was too! But on a more serious note, how big is she getting?? Gosh these weeks have flown fast into a year and I can hardly believe it!! 

 After supper, Noah and Grandpa went out to play and before leaving I'm sure Noah hit up every muddy puddle he could find! 
 Today I'm off to the dentist for my last appointment of repairs. My mouth is pretty much new again! Hopefully our house hold will get on the mend this week, I'm soo over this cold!!  Scratch that... my cold has me feeling too rough and I don't want to share my germs... I have no sense of smell and likely no taste either... ugh. You can call me grumpasauras....   

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

How is it March 20th?! And our little ones are almost one!!! Ahhh
Avery is hot tub obsessed she would rather it than swim lol
What do you have planned for Em's photos? I might do C's this weekend too.


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