Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Rewind

How is it the end of March already?? Pretty sure I ask myself that every month end, but this month feels a little more rushed and unsettled because April means Em is turning one and that is soo hard on my heart lately. It's exciting and it's a good thing, but it just means she is not so much a baby anymore and that is hard to swallow!!    
 Friday morning we had Em's 1 year photo shoot/cake smash. We managed to get some family shots in as well, which was nice! We did get a couple of sneak peeks:  

The shoot went really well!!! Both kids did great and I cannot wait to get the rest back!! 

Friday evening we played outside while BBQing. I did manage to get most of the leaves sucked up. These two are just each other's shadows these days:

 Friday night I had 'book club" except we didn't actually read a book this past month, but it was a fun night out with ladies. I stayed out much to late, for this mama trying to get over a cold.   

 Saturday morning Noah had his first gymnastics class for the spring term. This was his first class without a parent and well it wasn't quite a fail, because he did everything asked of him, but he cried and called for me the whole class. I felt horrible, but he did it and he says he had fun. Hopefully he will do better next week! There was a lady watching her child and she asked me if the little boy crying for me was mine, to which I replied yes, we chatted about how it is hard to watch him struggle. The best advice she could have given me to make me feel better was, "one day you will wish he loved you just as much as he does today." UGH yes!!!! Is hat why it's soo hard? Because his love is soo strong and apparent and I feel like I am pushing him away with putting him in daycare and now this. I know it's all just a natural progression in life, but it doesn't make it any easier!! Being a parent at this stage and age is soo hard!!

Saturday afternoon was fIlled with naptime for everyone but M - he's not a napper. But everyone else woke up feeling refreshed, the rest of the day was spent playing and cleaning. We made homemade pizzas for supper.

 Before we knew it was bath and bedtime.  Sunday morning the boys worked on putting trim up, but they ran out and will have to make a trip to Home Depot to finish this week.  We did managed to get the mudroom cleaned up though, wall art up, we put away all the laundry and tidied the house. This week I will just have to focus on doing surface cleans. 

This little girl had a rough night, and slept in until almost 9 AM, so she skipped her morning nap, but when she crashed after lunch, she crashed!!! Gosh I love these moments!!  

 I managed to get Gracie's hair clipped and M did her toenails, but he cut two too short... oh my goodness what a mess! It was an ongoing mess, but we did end up getting it under control.  M's parents came over for dinner and we had a nice dinner and family time before it was bedtime. 

 This morning I went to the dentist - the appointment I missed last week! My mouth is like new now and I feel soo much better about that!! Today I was brave and had no freezing, because ultimately I hate freezing and my bottom jaw doesn't freeze properly, so since it was just two small cavities, I got through it. It was at least super quick.   


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

LOVE your photos! I cannot wait to see more. I am hoping to do a late summer/fall family session but with so many great photographers I need to choose one to do it with!

Murdock's mama said...

Love those pictures!! :)


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