Thursday, May 18, 2017


{making} I'm collecting supplies for upcoming kids craft for Father's Day!! Soo excited to try it!!! 
{cooking}  I'm soo over cooking these days... I think tonight will be chicken
{drinking}  water like it's my job... it kind of is these days!! 

{reading}  Still Alice for book club
{wanting}  longer weekends these days. With M working Saturdays right now, it makes for short weekends and less family time. 
{looking} forward to summer. Something tells me it is going to be soo much fun!!! 

{praying}  for health... it's been rough around these parts and I'm hoping we can all just be healthy for the summer now!! 
{planning}  our family weekend getaway this summer at Darian Lake... Luke Bryan is definitely involved!! 
{giggling}  constantly at my children. Noah's been have a rough go lately, but Em's personality just shines through and leaves us all laughing. 

{wishing}  there was more time in a day, because it's getting hard to get everything done these days. I know it's likely the spring rush.
{enjoying} getting back into shape. It's hard, but working out again is an excellent outlet for daily stress. 
{waiting}  to see Luke Bryan in August... 2nd row seats, VIP Private concert... you bet I can't wait!!
{liking} my new skin care routine the kids got me. The Arbonne RE9 is leaving my skin feeling soo good. Crazy the difference I notIce already!! 

{wondering}  when Em will start walking full-time. She's still cautious, but getting braver and will walk across the room now. 
{loving}  this sudden burst of summer weather we have!! 
{hoping} Noah adjusts soon to Daddy's new schedule and that he starts sleeping back in until 7! Poor guy just has soo much going on! 

{needing}  to work more on Maggie's training. Leash training is going great, but we need to work on basics too! She's got sit figured out. 
{smelling}  my Citrus Bliss essential oil diffusing. 

{work out} 21 DAY Fix! I'm going all in, except calorie counting instead. 
{wearing}  SHORTS!!! And a tank top!!! 
{noticing}  Old Navy Jeans, tank and cardigan!! 

{knowing}  this spring rush won't last forever and things will slow down again soon. Although life doesn't seem to slow down anymore. 
{thinking} non-stop these days about having another baby. I'm not sure where I stand. 3 was our number. 
{feeling} content


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am with you - I am so over cooking! If it was not for meal planning I might not cook lol.
I agree workouts and key to managing stress. On days I do not work out I am way more tired and grumpy.
I hope you guys have a sunny long weekend!
I hear you on three kids, most days I am "heck no" but then there is the odd "yes" day in there too as Chloe is older now.

J and A said...

Another baby!!! eeeekkkk! ;)
What are you making for Father's Day? I feel like we just did 2 crafts for J's birthday and now it's Father's Day soon!!


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