Monday, January 31, 2011

Manic Monday

Yes, I have been busy!!! I made the new banner for Manic Mondays last week and I am loving it!!

So where shall I start?

When I got home from work on Friday, I spent the beginning of my evening trying to explain over the phone to my mom, how to use windows live messenger.... such a sloooooowwww process! It was very trying on both hers and my patience! She finally figured it out (the basics), for the most part! We headed for games night and K and S were hosting it this month. We played euchre again, but switched up partners as usual! For snacks, everyone had to bring a dessert! Can we say chocolate overload? Everyone brought chocolate, luckily S and W didn't get the dessert memo and brought meat balls! I took brownies, J brought a chocolate pudding dessert with oreo cookie crumb bottom and chocolate whip cream on top and S had a deep and delicious chocolate cake! Mmmhmm!

I drank 2 Palm Bays and ended up in a non-sober fashion... I don't know what it is about those drinks but they kick my ass rather quickly, the last time I drank them was in the summer at the ball party and I had been drinking them ALL day and was trashed. Friday was only 2 and I was definitely feeling it! I can usually handle more alcohol than that, but not with those drinks. I got home around 12:00 AM and noticed that I had a voicemail message on my phone, so I checked my call display and noticed my uncle (whom I barely ever speak to had called... I knew he needed help booking a rental car). I hit the talk button and went to dial out my voicemail and it was ringing for quite some time. I had just been saying to myself how long it was taking and my uncles voicemail picked up. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on and then he picked up before I had a chance to hang up! I couldn't call him that late and just hang up on him, so I had a 5 minute conversation on the phone with him. I inquired about the rental car and participated in some small talk, apologized for calling so late, blaming the voicemail service and said good night! Can we say AWKWARD? So now I have officially drunk dialed my uncle, I will be sure to check that off my list of things to do before I die!

Saturday M helped take town the village Christmas lights with the fire department and I had some down time before we started prepping food and last minute tidying.\i did make the appetizer cards while M was gone! When M got home, we finished up with the cleaning and of course he got a fire call, luckily there was no fire, but a car roll over. Once he got home, he shovelled the driveway.. yes shovelled because I told him he did not have time to "play" with the snow blower and I was not making him shovel the whole thing or anything! I got started in kitchen! I know that sounds funny, but I started food prepping for the appetizers. We made the lasagna Friday night since lasagna always tastes better the 2nd day, so we did not have to worry about that! Everything was running smoothly until it came to making the baked brie in philo pastry... I did not realize that the philo had to thaw for 5 hours prior to use, so we thawed it via the microwave, very carefully! We had never use the philo before and it is not very much fun to use. We had cute the brie wheel in half which was our next bad idea, it leaked out of the pastry while baking and made such a mess, but over all it was still good! I wish I had of taken a picture of the place settings at the table! Everything seemed to be a hit, or at least no one complained! The lasagna was fantastic, N & K brought a stuff bread with cheese, onion, tomatoes and prosciutto. For dessert J & A brought a strawberry no-bake cheesecake with whipped cream to complete the meal! It was great!! The night ended at an early 1:30 AM!

M and I managed to sleep in this morning until 10 AM!! Of course we got up around 7 to let the dogs out, but managed to fall back asleep! I watched the movie Remember Me and just relaxed for the afternoon, it was sooo nice, quiet and relaxing! I also managed to get caught up on my soap operas! We headed to the farm for a nice roast beef dinner! I don't know how M's mom does it, but she makes the BEST roast beef!!! We had the strawberry cheesecake left overs for dessert! M and I came home and continued our day of relaxation!!

Today I don't have much on my plate! I might download some music, poke away at some laundry, but that is about it!! I have girls night tonight as usual, but that is about it!

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Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Glad you had a nice weekend! I just got back in town from staying with my best friend and helping with my new Godson, so I am having a pretty lazy Monday, too, which is so nice. And I;m catching up on blogs :) Have a great day! xoxo


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