Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is There A Such Thing As Bathroom Etiquette Part 2

It is that time again.. it has almost been a year! Time for me to discuss bathrooms once again!

Soo my office switched buildings and after only being in the new office for a week, I already have a bathroom etiquette post for ya! You may recall part one of the bathroom etiquette HERE.

I am slowly becoming able to go to the bathroom when someone else is in the bathroom with me... like my cat... he counts right? Because I don't have a bathroom break at home without him.. whether I like it or not.

Now on to this new office... we have a public bathroom of course, however it is literally a bathroom, with one toilet, one sink - no stalls, a door that locks, you get the picture. I like this idea waay better then a bathroom with stalls. 

However, there is just a few problems soo far! I am one of maybe 4 girls on my floor, the rest are men. Men and bathrooms just equals disaster! I will be honest, my husband keeps his bathroom pretty clean and I don't need to remind him all that often to clean it. Heck he is trained well from the last house that only had one bathroom and even puts the seat down. Thanks to a cat that got stuck in the toilet... thanks Copper - he just loved fresh water... until the seat fell on him and he was stuck.

Picture this:
hes sneaky cat kitten kitty toilet seat up down bathroom restroom hiding under Uhm Can I Get a Little Help Here?
Except under the seat as well!

Anyways, back on topic. The men leave the seat up! I do not want to touch that! It sucks that they have to touch that and probably didn't wash their hands... we won't go there. But put the seat down please! I don't get why they have to put the seat up in the first place, the circumference you gain from putting the seat up is not that much.

Luckily I went into the cupboard under the sink and found some Lysol spray - yes I am the one that sprays before sitting now! The Lysol is a girls best friend when it comes to sharing public bathrooms with boys. The smells... oh we won't get there... Shit happens, I get it, but there is no need to advertise that. There is aerosol spray, a fan, scented soap - use it - please! Oh and if you make a mess - clean it up. Gross.


miki said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. We have those same bathrooms. One for men and one for women, but the mens would get gross so they come in the girls. It bugged me so bad, because they are so dirty. Whenever I sit down I feel like I am sitting in dried pee (obviously there isn't any there or I wouldn't sit down, but still). Also the bathroom is much stinkier with men in it.. EW

Hilary Lane said...

I would totally type a sign up and put it over the toilet. Just like they can put up a sign about flushing feminine products, we should be able to put up a sign about putting the seat down!


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