Friday, April 20, 2012

Lily Is Coming Home Again

Wow, I have been waiting for this week to end, and although I am at home sick today, I just found out that Lily is able to come home this afternoon.

Lily's ultrasound and biopsy was tolerated well and we have narrowed down the findings to either hepatitis or acute injury to the liver caused by toxins. As far as I am concerned this both leads back to the medication that she was on. However, we will be dealing with that at another point.

We still do not have the biopsy results, but her blood levels are beginning to show slight improvement, her spirits are up and our vet was able to get to eat a can of food last night. She has been pretty spoiled while she has been there this week, as the girls made a special trip to the store to get her some chicken and then the following morning the one girl made some rice to go with it. But if there is a time for her to be spoiled, it is now more than ever.

Soo I am praying that we are finally on the road to recovery and I know it may be slow, so I pray for the patience to get through this.

Thank you once again for all of the support and continued prayers, I truly believe every bit has helped. I also know I have received emails regarding Lily and I do plan on responding, I am just dealing with my own health, so bear with me please!

Here is to hoping for a smooth homecoming and improved health.

Have a good weekend friends.


J and A said...

So glad she will be home. Take care of YOU. :) Have a good RELAXING weekend.

Miki @ Becoming What I Always Was said...

I'm glad she's coming home. Do you guys have pet insurance? I know it sounds silly, but we got it for our bulldog, notorious for health problems, she's only a year and a half and the insurance has saved us over $2500.

I hope she gets better soon and so do you!

Al said...

Hey love, you've been in my thoughts - SO glad Lily is coming home. Please hang in there and sending you "hugs" and Lily "kisses" :)



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