Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Loves

I will be linking up with Jamie, as usual, as well as Michelle later on!

I am loving that as of right now, I am looking at 6 hours left of work and then a 5 day weekend friends!! There is a chance that I could get asked to work tomorrow, but a slim one.

I am loving that I am going to be hosting dinner for the first time this year and in about 6 months! Our life has just been super hectic and I have really missed entertaining.

I am loving the Mini Egg cookies I made on Monday!! Yum!! You can read more about this below!!

I am also loving that my Mom will be coming down to visit me for the first time since she moved!! It has been a long time and we have made soo many changes to the house, that I am looking forward to showing her all of them! My sister and her sweet little family will be joining us for dinner as well!! Hurry up Saturday!! 

I am loving my crazy pets as usual. I really would be lost without them all!

I am loving the family time that will be spent this weekend! It will be soo nice to see my extended family all together again! It happens every holiday, but we really do have a great time!

I am loving that M's Dad seems to be feeling better, but that is only after another trip to the hospital, luckily not by ambulance this time. The doctor is thinking that he is reacting from all the bug bites he got in Roatan and that it is just still venom in his blood causing the swelling. If things don't clear up within the next week or two on the meds, then he will  be referred to a specialist.

I am loving my husband!! I am also looking forward to spending some extra time with him this weekend as well, since we have been soo busy lately!!

Now on to:

with Michelle

These are amazing!! Also I have never made cookies in a muffin tin, but I might start doing it more often!! Highly recommend making these!!
Pinned Image

Also how cute are these:
Pinned Image
Soo easy to make!!

I would like to try this too:
Pinned Image
Koolaid cube in Sprite - as the cubes melt, it flavors your drink!!

I wonder if I will be able to wear my hair like this on the weekend?
Pinned Image

This dress is now hanging in my closet and I love it:
Pinned Image

Now for some inspiring words that mean a lot to me:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!


J and A said...

Great quotes. Those cookies look awesome. May have to make those!! And yay to a 5 day weekend, lucky girl. I guess i'll suffer through 4! :)

Candace said...

Coming over from WILW.

The hairstyle and the Old Navy dress are both precious! I actually have sought out to buy the same dress, but I can't find it anywhere in stores. I might have to order online!

Happy Wednesday - your blog is precious!

Leah said...

Love that dress & want to make those cookies!

Sarah said...

Mini-eggs cookies? Seriously, what an amazing idea. Love the dress too! Hope your weekend is going well!


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