Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Today I am trying a brand new link up:
Little Moments Like This
You can check it out here.

Friday night M was going to Seafood night with the guys, which left K and I to fend for ourselves. So we had a little girls night sipping on Raspberry Lemonade and watched some trashy TV since nothing is on Friday nights (so we learned). We watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - no offense if anyone is a gypsy.. but that show is just beyond words for screwed up!

Saturday, M had to work, so that left me home with the dogs, so we enjoyed a sleep in, some snuggles and some housework! Lily was an eating machine on Saturday!! She ate a big dog food can, without me having to spoon feed her, not all at once, but throughout the day! Proud Mom right here!! She also was playing with her tennis ball in the back yard and some horse-playing with Gracie! Seeing her regain strength like this, only helps me believe that we are going to get through this! I am soo very grateful for every one's kind thoughts and prayers! I believe that everyone of them has helped us get to where we are today!! We had a ball meeting on Saturday afternoon to discuss our co-ed team. That starts May 16!! Saturday night M and I just relaxed, it is soo hard to make plans when I know M is exhausted from his Spring-time hours!

Sunday morning we decided it was time to tackle M's bathroom. He NEEDED a new shower stall, as his was leaking and would not hold a seal.

Soo say bye bye to this:

Yup pretty ugly!! (hence the shower curtain that hides it)

We purchased the new one, but M has got to cut out and replace a few pieces of drywall. Sooo if you were to look into the bathroom today it would look like this:

We were trying to decide if we were going to repaint the bathroom or just touch it up because either way we need to buy another can! We decided we will just touch it up! After all, I love the color (M doesn't) and it is the only color in the house that represents our old house (it was the old living room color).

We decided to spoil ourselves with a steak dinner with potatoes and fresh green beans and played some ball in the backyard with the dogs, but after I was batting and the ball went a little further than planned, we decided we better take it to the ball park. So we ate and then met N and K down at the park and practiced batting. Gracie and Lily had fun running after the balls, yet didn't pick any up (shucks!). They also enjoyed playing together. Melted my heart to see them interacting together again. Lily continued to eat well again!!

Today K and I decided we would do some baking for tonight's girls night and we made the infamous "Crack" dip:
Pinned Image
which is super tasty and easy to make! You can find the info here.

And we decided to make these too:
Pinned Image
Terribly Tasty Toffee!! Found here. I will warn you it is addicting!!

To say I am looking forward to girl's night would be an understatement! Plus I think everyone is going to make it!!

Oh and just to share the cutest little picture of Baby Brandon:
He looks soo gangster in his sweet little outfit I made sure he had! I've been waiting for him to fit into it!! Now he just need to listen to some LL Cool J!! Haha!

Also I forgot to mention that I won a new work-out video from Alison. Soo I will no longer need to use my Richard Simmons, although I must say, my sister sent me this picture of H and it made me want to bust them out again... just for fun:
She looks like she was working hard with Richard!! Love that kid!

Happy Monday friends!!


J and A said...

Ah so happy to hear Lily is running around and eating more! YAY! I will have to try that crack dip...sounds interesting. And YAY for winning! It's in the mail!!

Syndal said...

ooh that looks like matza crack! I have to make it (and eat it all!!)

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Yay! Glad to hear Lily is feeling better!
Looks like you guys did a lot of work on your bathroom!
Baby Brandon is adorable!! He looks like a little angel! :)

Tami said...

Thanks so much for linking up! You guys had a busy weekend! I've seen that Crack Dip on Pinterest and thought about trying it but haven't gotten around to it. Is it really that good? Congrats on your win. Anything will be better than Richard Simmons! :)


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