Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hectic Times

Sorry I have once again been MIA, life has been crazy lately. Clearly this is not my day, no scratch that my week!

Today I was driving and boom, rock on my windshield:

You can bet my reaction was not "awesome".

Then I get a call from my doctor... turns out Lily and I have a medical ailment in common... Hypothyroidism! Great! It does explain why it has been soo hard to lose weight, why my skin is a mess, and soo much more, but it is really just another thing to top off my week. So hello Eltroxin - let's be friends.

M has a cold, which I am trying my darnedest not to get.

I am super behind on emails - sorry friends!

Could anything else go wrong this week? I am considering cancelling the rest of the week. Except I have a date with Rascall Flatts on Saturday!

I loved Chicago Fire - anyone else?

Bachelor Canada - can we say AWKWARD... not just the people on it, but even watching it. Maybe it will get better?

In all honesty life is moving super fast right now and I feel like I am lagging behind trying to absorb all these new challenges in my life. All while at the same time remembering to be grateful and trying to see the positive side to everything!

Speaking of gratefulness, I am soo very grateful for my friends and family for being soo supportive of me right now! You all know who you are, but thank you, it means more than you will ever know!! I enjoyed my visit today with S, it is nice to just unwind and we will do it more often! Promise!


Rachel and John said...

Aw I hope the rest of your week gets better! I love RF! Jealous that you are going to the concert!

J and A said...

Have fun at Rascal flats and just enjoy!! Forget about everything else. Damn windshields. ;( everything is going to turn out just how it's supposed to be remember. Xo

Anonymous said...

Hope things get better for you! I know the feeling about the rock, it happened to me about this time last year. Came off an overpass and broke my windshield. Hope your week gets better and have fun at the concert!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh no, I am so sorry girl! You are not alone though - I also had a small stone hit my windscreen this past week and a stone hit our sliding door when cutting the grass!! x


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