Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Rewind

I am happy to report my weekend went better than my week! Here is how it went down:

Friday night:

M colored my hair for me!!! Best hair colorer ever!!
Outfit selection (my hair was not done yet)
Hair didn't even end up mattering... it rained all day/night!!!
Headed to pick up my sister, on my way I was lucky enough to see a breast cancer parade on the highway!! We are talking pink transports, cement trucks, you name it I probably saw it pink! I thought it was a really neat way to raise funds going towards an excellent cause!!
We decided to do some shopping first, luckily I finally got some new sports bras from Old Navy, as well as a swimsuit cover up, shirt and dress. I love a great deal!! 
My Mom wanted to go to Home Outfitters, where I found a super cute shower curtain! No pics yet, because I just remembered it is still in the car... ooops!
After checking out I came across this jem:
This was by far the best deal of the day!! Can you guess the price? No? Well it was $200 and I paid $30!!! Yup, you read that right!! I'm a little nervous of the color, since it is soo light, but I am sure it will wash well!!
Then we hit up the mall, where I treated myself to a little Starbucks!! Yum!
I was serenaded by an old man in clothing store. It was awkward. They called security, couldn't find him, but none the less entertaining!!
My sister fell in love with this dancing Halloween dude in the Hallmark store... she literally watched it for like 5 minutes!!
We went for dinner at:
I will be honest - it sucked! The service was slow, menu was bland and food was bad. They didn't even want to seat us because we were a party of two instead of four! I ordered the Cesar salad and nachos. I asked for just cheese and beef on my nachos - they put everything on it. It was super hot and spicy - which as we know I don't like spicy things. Luckily they didn't charge me for it!
Then we get to the concert. Our seats were not bad, we could see the stage great, we were just kind of far away... the security guy told me I couldn't use my camera... not impressed. Luckily my cousin was coming and we were able to get box seats, which gave us a better view, I could use my camera and fun was had!!
The Eli Young Band and Little Big Town opened for Rascal Flatts. It was an excellent concert! Highly recommend it!!
This morning was the fireman's breakfast:
Here is hubby cleaning up!
I was supposed to have a photo shoot today but the weather was threatening. It was raining and wet, but then cleared, but the wind was raw. I decided we were best to reschedule!
So I decided to take some pics around the hall while I was waiting for M to finish up:
M's fire number!
The rest of our day was spent doing laundry, changing the hot tub water and putting away the patio furniture and then relaxing of course!
Overall a pretty great weekend!


Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm totally jealous of the ottoman you found!

J and A said...

Busy, great and fun weekend!! Love the ottoman and what a deal!! Nice work! :) Glad you had fun at RF. Cute outfit. Happy Monday!

Katie said...

sounds like a great weekend! what a good deal on that ottoman - i love it!! and really funny about the old man - that is awkward!!


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