Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Loves and Laughs

Ok so we all know fall is pretty much my favorite season. If only they could integrate summer weather with fall colors - I would be in heaven!

So here are some of the things I am loving:

- I love that I have my first FALL photo shoot of the year tomorrow!! And the weather is supposed to co-operate! Makes me a happy girl!!

- I love my husband so much! Especially when he walks into screen doors. You bet there is a story behind this. I had went out yesterday afternoon with K to Michael's - dangerous! I had the screen door shut, as it was really nice out. When I left the house, I had just shut the main door and was on my way. Later that night - like 11 PM, M opens the door to let the dogs out and went to go out on the deck and just walked right into the screen. We are talking face pressed sideways on the screen, full-fledged walk. I am lucky to still have a screen. To say I laughed at this would be an understatement. He was laughing too! It was humorous!! Yes, it was my fault but in my offence I had forgotten about it as well! Either way we both had a good laugh!

- I love Zumba! Had a blast last night and felt great afterwards!! Hoping I can make it to Yoga tomorrow night!

- We are having our thanksgiving dinner at the farm tomorrow night. I am making cherry cheesecake!! Yum!

- I am just about finished the dishcloth!! This is soo exciting!!

Now for some Pinspiration:

Pinned Image
How cute!!

Love this:
Pinned Image

I would like to try this to my hair:
Pinned Image

Makes me laugh:
Pinned Image

Dream closet:
--Not a huge skinny jean fan, but these outfits are cute!!! ;) via "The Skin Jean Syndrome" by esha2001 on Polyvore

And now my favorite part... quotes:

Pinned Image

words to live by

Pinned Image

And last but not least, in lieu of thanksgiving this weekend - love this prayer!!
Pinned Image


J and A said...

Oh Mike! Ha I will take that closet too please and thank you!!

Jessica said...

I love all things fall!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

The dream closet is definitely dreamy!


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