Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shannon for a much needed So What Wednesday.

So what if I bought 110 mini chocolate bars for the less than 10 kids that will come to my house tonight for Halloween!!

So what if I only dish out a couple per kid and keep the rest for M and I?

So what if I broke into the box last night, I have had them since Sunday - that is will power!!

So what if I had 2 mini chocolate bars after working my ass off at Zumba? I am sure they wouldn't count against me after that work out!

So what if I find myself laughing at others during Zumba class... I am sure if I could see myself I would be laughing at myself! But then again I have moves like Jagger! Ha!

So what if I was actually bummed that some of my shows were not on so far this week because of Hurricane Sandy... I  feel bad for those who it affected, but I got my power back and can therefore watch TV!

So what if I didn't accomplish near what I had expected to yesterday? I did work on photo sessions, my blanket and put away some laundry, but mainly had a pretty lax day! Tomorrow will be better!

So what if I woke up really grumpy this morning - sorry hun, I am trying!

So what if I have banned Lux from the bathroom... the little bugger gets up on the toilet, into a shelf which holds q-tips, and steals them. He then plays with them until he loses them under the mat and then gets another. I seriously thought M was missing the garbage and I was getting kind of annoyed until I caught the little fur-devil! He always looks soo cute when he is in trouble... why!?

So what if I finished making my cookies yesterday and they burnt? What the hell was the difference? Why did the first batch not burn!? Sometimes I swear my oven HATES me!

So what if I am finally sleeping at night? It is great, but I really hate getting up in the mornings still!

So what if I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?

So what if my nephew is soo cute in his walrus costume:

What are you so whating today?

Oh and I just wanted to share these three quotes:


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J and A said...

God pins. I have been eating candy all week. Damn mini chocolates!! I am excited to see how many kids we get at our new place, I bought 3 boxes of stuff! whopps!

Shannon said...

I bought way more candy than necessary as well. And that walrus costume is hysterical!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Halloween! Hope your nephew did too!


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