Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I know I am a bad blogger... I missed yesterday, but I was not home and when I was, it wasn't for long. Not to mention the fact that I have clearly procrastinated again with another photo book. I have one from photo book Canada to do that expires Friday and it is 60 pages... and I have finally decided on a theme, I will be doing a 5 year anniversary book, but I have yet to get my pics organized!! Not to mention the fact that I haven't figured out the program to do it yet! I love shutterfly, this is soo different. Maybe by the end of this one I can say I love photo book Canada. We will see!

I can't even say I was doing that last night though, I was editing this past weekend's photo session, watching Parenthood - another tear jerker, and having dinner! Then I was off to Zumba, came home and worked on this... I say with shame, because as much as it is a priority, it is really a distraction until the photo book gets done!

This is going to be my new blanket. Remember I said I sleep with a baby blanket still... well needless to say it is in REALLY rough shape, like might not make it to the new year... I have been asking for a new one for YEARS and no one has come through, so I have buckled down and it is happening!

Ok now let's get on to what I am loving...

I am down over 7 pounds now!! This seems like a big accomplishment, although I know when I get to 10 I will really be pumped!!

I am loving Gracie and Lily - they crack me up constantly. They got their barkbox in the mail yesterday and were soo excited to open it up! I will go into more detail about it tomorrow! But they got one toy in particular and just love it. heck the cats do too!!

I love how wild Lux goes over his laser toy. I am going video tape it one of these times, he is like speedy psycho cat!

I love my hubby, although I feel like I haven't seen him, but mainly just because he wasn't home last night. When he did get home, we were both tired and ready for bed!

I love that on Tuesday night I slept through the whole night! This is BIG! I have been waking every morning at 4 AM since I started my thyroid meds. It sucks because then I can't get back to sleep. It happened again last night, but didn't feel like as big of a deal since I got a full night Monday night. It is crazy how good a whole nights sleep feels like!!

I am not loving the fact that my iPhone is failing me... the sound is sucking, I never get notifications, or sounds, heck I am lucky if it even rings if someone calls! I need to take it in to get it repaired!

That's all I got for now, because I am at work and actually have stuff I should be doing...

They are calling for some nice weather tomorrow!! I feel like it has rained for a week, I am sure it hasn't been that long, but it has been pretty dreary and drap the last 2 days at least! Not to mention we had a CRAZY thunderstorm Monday night. But tomorrow is supposed to be 21 and I am looking forward to it, although I will be working on my photo book and doing a photo shoot!


Rachel and John said...

Good job on the 7 pounds! And have fun making the photo book! I love shutterfly too.

Rachel and John said...

Good job on the 7 pounds! And have fun making the photo book! I love shutterfly too.

J and A said...

7lbs!!! Awesome! Photobook Canada is a bit hard to figure out, Shutterfly is way easier BUT I so love PB Canada. I have made like 6 from there! :) Love your loves!!

Kae Schumacher said...

Great job on 7 lbs! :)

Leslie said...

Awesome on the 7 pounds!!!
I love all the things you have been making :)


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