Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's True

Soo you know how I told you I have been Christmas shopping since August? Well it's true...

I am beginning to think things are getting out of hand though!

Yesterday I started trip shopping. I know the snow isn't even flying - it is not even cold here, but I find my self sneaking over to check out the getaways.

Then today... I hate to admit this, but I was Christmas Card shopping!! Yes Christmas Cards. I blame shutterfly for having a deal on, but still! I might have a problem?

Then I popped over to Leigh's blog and saw her post about the CANADIAN Christmas Swap
Be sure to head over and sign up (if you are Canadian of course)

I even almost told M about his Christmas present. Not cool!
Anyone else having these problems?
Oh and another great announcement... another pound bites the dust!!! Yup! 6 pounds down!! Couldn't be happier to see them go, just wish it was as easy to lose as it was to gain!!
Hoping for another successful Zumba class and that my back co-operates tonight!! I do not want another set back!


J and A said...

YAY for the swap! I am excited. Nice work on the pound!! Awesome.

Hilary said...

Congrats on the WL! Haha... keep hubby's Xmas present a secret at least til Tgiving ;)

Meg {henninglove} said...

nothing wrong with starting Christmas stuff early, beats the rush later on and you actually get to enjoy the season rather than running around, dodging people and getting last minut gifts

Leigh said...

Thanks for posting about the swap :) Looking forward to "meeting" new Canadian bloggers :) And congrats on the weight loss!

Kae said...

Don't worry I try to start shopping for holidays early :) congrats on the pounds!


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