Friday, February 8, 2013


So that Albert clipper is still clippin'. I think I am still waiting for the Texas low... although rumor has it they have collided and there is no "low".
That snow is coming down out there and I am not even sure when it is supposed to stop!

I can't technically complain too much because we have not had snow fall like this in forever!!
What I will complain about is the driving conditions... it is almost as if the snow plowers have forgotten what a "real" snow fall can do.
The snow started last night of course when we went to Toronto to pick up M's parents from the airport. The drive there was dicey as in super crappy... the drive home wasn't bad once we got out of Toronto!
Overnight it came down...
This morning... I called into work because I was not willing to make the commute. I tried and it took me 30 minutes instead of 10 just to get to the highway! It is supposed to take me 30 minutes to get to work! I get it the weather is bad - it will take longer and I can handle a bad drive... but the fact that it is supposed to continue and the wind is supposed to pick up, it just wasn't worth it.
So I am home with two very happy dogs!!

This weekend I WILL be packing... and hopefully have the status of packed! Any packing tips?!
 Hope everyone has a great weekend!


J and A said...

YIKES!! We seem to have opposite weather patterns! Strange. OMG the pups are so cute though all covered!! Stay warm!

Ashley said...

Your dogs looks so happy!! Glad they're enjoying it!

I don't know what I would do with myself if it snowed like that down here...oh my goodness. I would hibernate, for sure.

Katie said...

we got a lot of snow but not that much! I hate driving in it too! but today it rained so now it is just a mess!!


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