Monday, February 18, 2013

Yeast Free Cleanse

Today I am going to tell you all a bit more about this cleanse M and I are doing. As I have previously mentioned I went and saw a Naturopath. I had a live cell microscopy blood test done where they actually look at your blood cells and blood as a whole. Livecell Microscopy is different from conventional microscopic blood analysis because it looks at the whole blood, immediately, in its natural state. It can detect free radical damage, atherosclerotic plaque, parasites, Candida/yeast/fungus, digestive deficiencies, hormonal imbalances. B12 deficiencies, iron deficiencies, risk of gout, toxic heavy metals, poor circulation, cell size and shape, organ stress.

I had mentioned that they had also found that I was Vitamin B12 and Folate deficient/anemic. Whenever I had any blood work done at a lab, my levels were fine, yet in this test I could actually see the damage to my blood cells through the microscope (they put it on a screen for you to actually see). More than 50% of my cells were hypersegmented showing the damage. It was text book. The other interesting fact is that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few months ago. Hypothyroidism and B12/Folate anemia go hand in hand. They present with the same symptoms of fatigue, and soo many other symptoms.

They also found yeast in my blood, not a lot, but enough to make it worth while to do a cleanse. So they did an allergy test on me to find out what was basically feeding my yeast right now. So the results of this test will not necessarily mean that I am allergic to the foods I am cutting out, just that I am sensitive to them right now with the yeast in my system. Interesting fact with a little TMI: Never had a yeast infection, yet there is yeast in my blood.

Soo the allergy test revealed I am very much allergic to any dairy products, which include milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt, I am also very allergic to any "sweet and low" sugars found in crystal light, diet beverages, sucrose, etc. Peanuts and mushrooms also appeared on the list. I have a mild allergy to any type of yeast, so breads, oats, rice, alcohol and baked goods are out of the picture. Chocolate and sugars - not allowed!!! This one will be hard!!

What I can have: Goats milk, goats cheese, almond milk, almond butter, yeast free rye bread, potatoes, brown rice pasta, brown rice crackers, cheerios, quinoa, brown rice, fresh fruit and veggies, and 2 litres of water/day.

This is going to be difficult, but I plan to document various things we try as we go through this. I can only imagine the weight we will lose as we do this. The benefits of this cleanse are numerous.

M will be doing the cleanse with me since yeast is transferable.

Our supplements

Oregano 8

The cost: The blood test was $90 and the allergy testing is usually $70, but I only had a half test. The supplements were $150 for a month supply and the B12/Folate Sublingual tabs were $28 for a month.

Start date: February 24
Next Blood Test: March 25

It is going to be a long 4 weeks without sugar or cheese and those are the two things I think I will miss the most!


Murdock's mama said...

It will be hard, but SO worth it! I pray for awesome results!!

Leah said...

You can do it. It's not AS bad as I thought it would be (with dairy).

J and A said...

You can totally do it!! And it will be so worth it!!! :) And think of all the benefits too!! :)

love jenny xoxo said...

that would be hard! I was vegan for a few years and diary is hard at first, but I noticed I really missed it less after I stopped eating it.

{love jenny xoxo}


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