Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Post About Gracie

As many of you know, this is Gracie:

She can be pretty serious at times, especially when it comes to her bed.
This dog is routine!! When she comes home from the farm everyday, she comes running in the room, picks up her bone, circles 2 times and lies on her bed. If her bed isn't down (we put it up over night because of a certain cat...) she sits in front of the chair and sulks - literally no joke on the sulking! People may think dogs don't sulk.. Gracie definitely sulks!!
At bedtime, she knows when it is 11:00 - sometimes earlier - goes outside for a pee, comes inside and goes right to bed. She sometimes skips the whole have a cookie before bed and just runs right past!! It's bedtime you know!
Sometimes she might share her bed with Lily, but it is on her terms only!
She isn't a big fan of sharing with the cats...
In the truck she would be happy with a bed... but when there isn't one, she just uses Lily - literally...

Luckily on our road trip to Alberta, she got her way and was soo very happy:
But today, her face lit up like a kid in candy store.... she got a new bed!!!
Her life is content!!!


Katie said...

she is SO pretty! her and my molly could be twins!

Sarah said...

Omg...I am in love with her..

Jessica said...

Sweet baby girl :)


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