Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saw It.. Pinned It... Did It.. Take 2

I am linking up again with Steph and Katie for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.
I had given you a sneak peak on the weekend of what M and I had been up to this weekend and today I am soo excited to share it!!
I saw this and thought how perfect it would be for under the great room window. We used to have a bow window that we could sit in and miss having that extra seating area:
Pinned Image
Sooo while I was out "antiquing" I saw a similar shelf. M and I had been collecting foam, and M's Mom happened to have quite a bit!!  I bought the chevron fabric in the states more than 6 months ago and I have been dying to use it!! This was the perfect project for it!!! It's a nice heavy duty fabric too so it should stand up well!!
We bought the legs at Home Depot because there is a heat register under there!

Can I just say that stuffing the foam into that cover we made was HARD - it took M and I both to do it, not once but twice because we mismeasured the fabric and had too much foam!!
It is the perfect addition to the room. I plan to get some baskets for inside those cubbies eventually.
Soo happy to cross this project off the list and M only had to add the legs - he got off easy as far as building me one went!!


J and A said...

Looks awesome!! Nice work!! And of course I adore the fabric.

Rachel and John said...

Don't you hate how heat registers are under ALL windows? It makes arranging furniture so hard!

Sarah and Stewart said...

Oh my gosh are you kidding, you MADE that? I'm so impressed, it's gorgeous and even much prettier than the one you pinned, I think!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! :-)

Leah said...

Can you make one for my house? Looks amazing!

Allison said...

I love it! It looks SO GOOD!

Jennie said...

Woo! I would love something like that! It looks great

kilipohi said...

Great work! Plus it will be a great place to sit and store things.


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