Friday, February 1, 2013

Mix It Up Friday

Today I plan to do not 1, not 2, but 3 link ups because I have a bit to say for all of them!!

So we will start off with Friday Letters


Dear Lux: I am officially sharing your cat shaming photo on the blog now!! I will eventually find a way to stop you from opening doors. You may think you are clever... and so might all the other animals in the house, but really it is just annoying! You are lucky the dogs are just about ready to be left out and that we have been trying it slowly!

"I like to break the dogs out of their room - not once, but twice while no on is home! I was just helping them out"

Dear Binx: You bet your cat shaming pic is going up too!! I can't believe the trouble you and Lux can get into in just one day!! Please stop stealing things - not cool!! You have 50 million toys around the house - play with them!

Dear Husband: Please reconsider your thoughts on buying a new bathroom vanity! Seashell sinks are sooo not in!! I found this steal of a deal and it comes with everything! I am hoping once you see it you will fall in love with it like I did!! Technically you told me to buy it yesterday, but I just wanted to come to an agreement before doing so. Oh and remember I just bought you an ice cream maker... just sayin'

Dear Face: Thanks for finally clearing up! I actually had forgotten what my chin looked like. Not even exagerating! Now if we could just deal with this dry skin issue due to the constant weather change... why can't we just keep the positive temps?

High Five & Fab Friday:

The Everyday JoysPhotobucket

 - I went antiquing yesterday. Is that even a word?! The building it was in was super sketchy!! It was in a very old warehouse. I can honestly say I would have never gone in it alone!! Anyways...

 I found a lot of great things:

a lot of pricey things

and quite a few good deals!! That I will be going back for!! Although the items I will be purchasing were not necessarily antique, but nonetheless a great deal!

- In case you missed the post where I announced our trip is booked!! We are heading to Jamaica!!! Very soon!

- The passports that I just went and got last week came in the mail a week early!!! We are officially set to travel!! That is the quickest turn around time I have seen! Although I look like a criminal in my picture..

- I plan to start packing this weekend!! Maybe this way I wont forget anything and hubby won't forget to put my shoes in the bag after he repacks the suitcase.

Happy Friday friends!!


Holly said...

I'm trying to talk my husband into a new bathroom vanity too! Our bathroom is the only outdated room left in our house and I can't take our pink sink any longer haha.

J and A said...

I love antique and thrift store shopping! :)I wish I had a chin back. Mine is awful. Happy weekend!!

Rebekah said...

I love antique stores! My aunt owns one and my sister and I grew up visiting there each summer working in her shop, stuffing pillows, and organizing displays. My skin clears up for like a day and now it's back to being bad again. Thank you crazy hormones for that! Yay for passports! You guys will have a blast!

Cortney said...

My mother in law and I are antique shopping this weekend, can't wait! PS your header picture might be the cutest thing i've seen all day. LOVE it.

Katie said...

i hope you get a new sink! and my skin gets SO dry in the winter - I hate it!


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