Thursday, February 28, 2013


We are 4 days into our Yeast Free Cleanse and we are still alive! This cleanse is super challenging!!

Day 1 was really rough, we were hungry and I think going through a bit of a sugar withdrawal. For dinner we had ham/pineapple/bacon kabobs! No glaze, but in all honesty we didn't need one, the pineapple flavored them both. We will make this recipe again.

Day 2 I found some snack we could have! These have made a huge difference!! I think the best thing with all of this is not only the weight we are losing already, but it really makes you think about the food we are eating! I'm not exactly committing to this cleanse for life because let's be honest I miss cheese, ice cream and sweets!

Day 3 we tried Brown Rice - wasn't a big fan, but M says he could tolerate it! I am willing to try it again. I missed my juice in the morning so M squeezed me 2 oranges and I got a shot worth of juice lol. We also tried juicing an apple - it was pretty awesome!

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We also made our very first spaghetti sauce from scratch - absolutely no preservatives!! We will be having that tonight with brown rice pasta.
On another note, poor Binxy spent the night at the vet last night. We found blood in her urine on Tuesday night, called the vet and had an appointment to bring her in yesterday. We locked her up in the bathroom Tuesday night and Lux spent the whole night on the other side trying to break her out! M took her to the appointment, as I was working, and they couldn't get her to pee and her bladder wasn't full enough to draw out a sample so they decided to keep her over night. He thinks it is just a UTI (urinary tract infection) but doesn't want to treat it blindly.

I got an update on her this morning, she did pee, however she kicked her litter box empty so they couldn't gather it. So she got an IV and they were going to draw out the fluid. She is still eating and drinking and her temperament is good. I hope to pick her up this afternoon with some answers. Hoping she is okay and that it is just a UTI.

Lux is miserable without her, but in all honesty we are all missing her, including Gracie who has been looking for her! They are best buddies!


J and A said...

Poor kitty, hope she is home and feeling better soon. Good work on the cleanse!! You have never had brown rice before? crazy. It's all we eat, try wild rice too, it's great. Snack I would miss but try frozen grapes and frozen blueberries, I have been eating them a ton lately.

Rachel and John said...

Aw poor kitties!!
We always make our spaghetti sauce from scratch! It's so easy and delicious! Snacks would be hard. Can you eat Hummus? I love love love hummus!

AND just so you know, you can't juice a banana. We tried once and it just all goes to the garbage side of the juicer. No juice comes out at all!!

Katie said...

i'm impressed!! I hope your cat is okay. our cat had a uti and it was terrible. we switched her cat food and she hasn't had one for years and years. it is more expensive but worth it!

Shay said...

Sorry about your sweet kitty:-( So sad that the other one missed it! AWESOME that you guys are doing a cleanse- we just finished one and I loved it!

The Domestic Sweetheart said...

i just heart your blog! i'm a new GFC follower :)

Kristin said...

way to go!! its hard im sure but will be worth it! i have heard great things about it

Hilary said...

Aww, poor Binx! Hope he's doing better now. Have you thought about buying a juicer? We just borrowed my mom's, but even before that I threw a bunch of fruit in the blender and yielded more juice that way than hand squeezing (if you can deal with the pulp).


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