Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So What?

So What Wednesday
It is just one of those weeks where I have to say So What:

- if we are supposed to get a big snow storm tomorrow... Alberta I don't your snow or clipper or whatever you wanna call it... I just don't!!

- If said in fact during that "snow storm" we are supposed to go to Toronto to the airport to pick up M's parents who have spent some time in Bali - you bet there is a story soon to come to the blog about this.

- If I really DID not want to get up this morning... It just wasn't a good morning...

- my face is not liking this weather one bit and after saying how happy I was to find my chin - gone again, just like that!! Note to self - I will NOT be mentioning when my face decided to co-operate.

- I was late for my Zumba class last night by just 5 minutes because I didn't feel like getting ready - it happens to the best of us right?

- I was also 5 minutes late this morning to work... its a trend I swear! I blame the other cars on the road this morning - some people just shouldn't drive!

- after Zumba class I rewarded myself with a DQ cupcake!! You bet I did! After all that hard work - it was well deserved!! My Fitness Pal said I could...

- if Gracie was MAD at me last night because I rolled her out of her new bed, invited Lily on it and laid there and cuddled. I also took her bone:
It is a pretty comfortable bed!!


J and A said...

Clipper? That's that? We have no snow storms scheduled so don't blame us!! DQ cupcakes?? What is this your speak of, I must know!! 5 mins late is nothing!! :)

Shay said...

Good for you for eating that cupcake! As long as its after a workout it doesn't count;-)

sara said...

Soooooo craving a cupcake now. Good luck with the snow!

Jennifer said...

It's suppose to snow here tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. And I also want to know about DQ cupcakes!

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