Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Noah - 2 Months

7 lbs 8 oz - 4 weeks
 7 lbs 11 oz - 4 1/2 weeks
8 lbs 2 oz (with a onesie on, which will be from here on in) - 5 1/2 weeks
8 lbs 5 oz - 6 1/2 weeks 
8lbs 13 oz - 7 1/2 weeks
9 lbs - 8 weeks

His head is measuring at 40 cm at 8 weeks!

20.5 inches
21.75 inches
The doctors office seems to think he is 23.15 inches... But that is a bit exaggerated as far as I'm concerned! 

Sleeping: We have started to establish a bit of a routine where possible!! Noah tends to give us 3-5 hour stretches of sleep at a time during the night. We did get a few 6 hour stretches. We had a weekend of waking more often, but as long as I feed him at 11pm, he usually will just wake once around 3 and then wake around 7pm. He has even been stretching the 3AM to 4AM - bonus! But sometimes he gives Daddy a run for his money and doesn't go right back to sleep after a feed! 

Weekends tend to involve more wake ups at night, I think because he ends up over-stimulated with outings or guests. But this past weekend, despite how busy he has been with the funeral, his shower, etc. he has slept great!! Back to our 5 hour stretches! 

Feeding: Every 2-4/5 hours. Still pumping once a day and freezing what I am able to get. But when we hit 6 weeks, we were nursing every 1.5 hours! Noah has gone 7 hours at night without a feed! What a champ! 

We no longer use the medela nipple and are switching over to our Dr. Brown bottles, as the medela nipple now allows him to drink too fast! This creates a very unhappy, gassy baby! He doesn't get bottles very often and has maybe had 5 since bringing him home from the hospital. He does much better with the doctor brown nipples! 

My milk supply seems to be increasing on demand, which makes me happy, as I was a bit worried with the first growth spurt there at 6 weeks!

Clothing: Newborn size! We have started introducing 0-3 months, but they are big. Towards the end of this month, he has very few newborn sleepers that fit in length, in fact we have just one left, two if you count the Disney one, but it fits more like 3 months!  Onesies and outfits are still newborn, although the onsies are getting a bit short, so we have been weeding those out too! But 3 month onesies are like dresses on him! Poor guy! 

Joe and Old Navy 0-3 are just starting to fit. 

Diaper Changes: At 5 weeks we switched over to size 1 diapers. Newborn still fit him, but I was tired of paying the more expensive price for the newborns, when size 1 will work. They just go up to his ribs!! There is no leaking though!
We did have our first "blow out" if we can call it that! It wasn't up his back or anything drastic, just on the edge of the leg of his onsie! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and brown hair. His hair seems to be lightening up a bit after a bath and in sunlight there is a slight reddish tinge.

So far I think the little man is the perfect mix of M and I! Someday's I think he looks like M and others just like me! It also depends on his expressions.

What The Doctor Had To Say: Noah is doing great and she didn't have any concerns. He us in the low percentiles as far as his weight/height go. But he is growing and that is all that matters. 

We had his first set of vaccinations as well and oh. my. goodness. It was bad!!! I gave him Tylenol before hand, but he still screamed and cried like I had never seen him do before, which then led to this mama tearing up. The nurse told us we both did well and that most moms cry! Poor little guy!! Then I thought Tylenol last 8 hours like Advil, and sure enough it doesn't, so around 6 hours Noah was angry and soo upset!! Poor little man had a rough day! We rewarded ourselves with a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry afterwards! 

Nicknames: Stretch, Spike, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Little Man, Toots, Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: The mamaroo! Car rides, his fleece blanket, moving, snuggles, his play mat, country music, the bouncer, Lux, Grace and Lily. He also hasn't been minding his baths again!! He is always smiling while laying in his change station! He stares at pictures of M & I and himself! 

Dislikes: diaper changes, gas pains, outfit changes, hats falling on his eyes and hiccups.

Fur Baby Update: Both Gracie and Lily are taking more interest in Noah! Gracie is always making sure we bring him home after an outing. They are still a little skiddish when he is on the ground. Lux is a great big brother! He is always checking on Noah when he cries. The other night Noah was fussing on our bed, so Lux went over to him, started sniffing him and he stopped crying! Mike and I both watched in awe!

While we were up in the nursery, Noah was sleeping in to mama-roo but started crying. Gracie came to get us and Lux was sitting at his side! Priceless! But great babysitters! Lol. 

Personality: When Noah is hungry - he is hungry and he means business!! When Noah turned 6 weeks, we started to get new smiles! He is soo alert and is awake more often in the day and looking around at everything. He is very calm to say the least and only fusses if there is a problem. He has a very sweet temperament. 

My Recovery: I am pushing myself to walk that extra block, in fact once 6 weeks came, the weather was nicer and we did 2 walks and a trip to Wal-Mart all in one day and didn't feel too bad. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I haven't been able to get out much since fracturing my ankle at 26 weeks! My ankle is not tolerating the temperature change very well, but we are pushing through!

I was cleared at my 6 week follow up to resume regular activity, ankle dependant! But he was happy with my blood pressure and my incision!

I decided it was time to walk the whole village again at 7 weeks, I was tired afterwards, but it felt like a great accomplishment! I think I will continue to ease up to it before making it a daily routine! 

My family doctor decided we better re-x-ray my ankle to make sure there isn't a new problem, as she warned me that nothing heals properly while pregnant, which could explain the swelling, bruising and pain I am getting again.

Events: Noah had a busy month to say the least. Just this past week he had funeral visitations, a funeral, a baby shower with M's parents family and friends, a bridal shower, his first shots, he met more family members and friends and most importantly he grew!! We saw his delivery doctor again and had his picture taken with her! I left him with Daddy for the first time to get my hair cut! We both survived! We have been enjoying several walks with the nicer weather!!


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww he is so cute and getting so big!
I hope your ankle is okay, that cannot be easy to top off your recovery.

Aubrey said...

He is the stinking cutest! Love his long skinny legs!!

Ms DanL said...

I'm giggling at the "blow out" comment... just wait, someday you'll know when you've reached full blow out levels. It's... well, you'll have to laugh or you'll cry. :) (Disclaimer: I work with infants in a child care setting so I'm overly familiar with the blow out situation). I'm so glad you're able to get out and enjoy those walks, we just got SNOW! SNOW! In April! I'm ready for spring. :)

Rebekah said...

I can't believe he's 2 months! He's so cute! Haha, oh goodness. The blow outs. We experience them on a regular basis unfortunately!

Hilary said...

We love love love the sleep gowns. Plus they make diaper changes so much easier in the middle of the night. Have you tried those so that you don't have to worry about the length?

J and A said...

Oh my gosh he is such a cutie! Love all his expressions! He is getting so big! I know the feeling of nothing fitting - soon everything will fit and you will have so much fun! Glad you guys can get out for walks now! :)

J and A said...

Oh my gosh he is such a cutie! Love all his expressions! He is getting so big! I know the feeling of nothing fitting - soon everything will fit and you will have so much fun! Glad you guys can get out for walks now! :)


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