Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Noah's Nursery Reveal

I am finally ready to reveal Noah's Nursery that is filled with bits and pieces of M and I and I cannot wait to share it with you all!!

We ended up giving the nursery a nautical theme and added more boyish touches to it once we had Noah.

View from the hallway


Moses basket - from Mike's family and M's Mom relined it! 
Chevron/anchor blanket - I made it! It is far from square, but it is made with love!
Chevron Curtains - www.Beyondbedding.com
Ceiling Fan - Home Depot
Wardrobe - M's parents used to use it as a bar station and were getting rid of it. We painted it and changed the hardware, added a rod in it and it holds his clothes!
Rocking Chair - my Mom and Dad. When they sold the house, we scooped it up!

Dresser - a hand-me-down in M's family, we painted it again, as it used to be in our bedroom and added new hardware and now it looks good as new! 

 Noah's Crib
Crib - Babies R Us
Chevron Crocheted Blanket - Etsy - Cozy Couture Head Wraps - she blogs over at Life Of Meg
Life Ring - Babies R Us
Letters - Babies R Us
Anchor - Target
Chevron Quilt - M's Mom and girlfriend Max made it together. I absolutely adore it!! 
Crib Bumper - Amazon
Crib Skirt - Amazon
Crib sheet - Target

I got this teddy bear from my Grandma B when she passed away. It used to be my great great Aunt Madeline's, but was one of my Grandma's favorite things, so I am proud to have it be a part of Noah's room. It is well over 100 years old. 

The sailboat is M's, which was a gift from his parents, however we both decided it would look best in Noah's room for now!
Canvas - c/o www.easycanvasprints.com
Baby V Journal - c/o www.tinyprints.com

"Laugh" "Dream" "Love" and "Hope"  stones - my wishes for Noah. Stepping stones in life for him to carry on - Bed Bath and Beyond

 Lamp - from our old house collecting dust. We decided to wrap rope around it to add to the nautical look. I won't even tell you how much rope we used or how this inexpensive project became more and more pricey. But it was made with love by Daddy!
Owl - is from Mike's Aunt Barbara who passed away this winter. We wanted to add a little bit of his Aunt Barbara to Noah's room, since M grew up quite close to her and has fond memories of her. She had quite the collection of owls, which I love! M painted it teal to match the room.
Hour Glass - this is to remind us of our journey. I always said during our infertility journey that I felt like someone was taking an hour glass and constantly flipping it as we approached the last bit of sand. Our hour glass sits still now in Noah's room. 

Rug - Home Depot

Mobile - I made this by hand. I won't lie, it was a challenge, as it is all hand stuffed and stitched. I saw one on etsy but it was like $200, now I know why! It was time consuming and a pain to make! But it will hopefully provide entertainment for Noah when he makes it up to his nursery!

Growth Board - was made by my Dad! I absolutely love how it turned out! He did a great job with it! There will be a post coming up on this! We still have to hang this on the wall somehow as my Dad made it to go above the trim. This is something that just Noah will have. If we are lucky enough to have more children they will get their own as well

Chair - we purchased this lazy boy brand new! We wanted to make sure we had a comfy chair we could read in, rock in, I could nurse in, or fall asleep in. It is great!
Stuffed Dog - M had to get it for Noah. It is bigger than him right now! 
Blanket - Ikea

Gallery Wall!!!
Filled with ultrasound pictures in frames we painted.

I made the typography myself. One is filled with his stats. 
One says "Love You Like Crazy" and the other one says "Love you to the moon and back, more than all the stars in the sky" both things I have said to Noah since we found out we were pregnant!

A family picture frame, with M and I, the dogs and of course the cats

Change Table-  was my Grandma's , we just painted it and put on new hardware
Change Pad Cover - found it at Babies R Us in the states
Diaper Basket - From Winner's

 The Reading Nook:
I am soo happy with how this turned out!! We used trim that had 4 grooves in the back of it to provide various ledges to hold more books on display. We painted it and then nailed them to a piece of wood creating the shelf! Noah has quite the book collection going and this isn't even all of them! We have more downstairs that we have started reading to him! Then we have the overflow basket at the bottom there! 

Book Basket - Winner's 

And there you have a finished nursery that we couldn't be more proud of!! 

Like I said, it is filled with family pieces, love and memories! It is one of my favorite rooms I the house now and we can't wait to start using it more once he's a bit older! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

It's perfect Ashley! I love all the details, you can tell you put a lot off effort into it :-)

Jennifer Golding said...

Beautiful! What a lucky little man.

Allyssa @ Lovely Allyssum said...

I LOVE this nursery! SO stinkin' cute!!! What a fun room! =]

Gabriella said...

Oh my goodness! Everything is gorgeous! I love the colors! Everything is so perfect! I love the picture collage, and the teddy bear - so special!

Murdock's mama said...

Yay...I've been waiting for this post FOREVER!! :) I LOVE the colors! It's beautiful! :)

Hilary said...

I love it!!

Leigh said...

Love how it turned out!

Aubrey said...

Beautiful room filled with so much love from you guys!!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

It is SO CUTE!!! Great job. The lazy boy looks like heaven!

J and A said...

It's perfect!!! Love all the details and furniture!! He will love it. The nautical theme is great!! I love the mobile and lamp. So great!!


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