Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Rewind

I had full intentions of posting on Friday, but clearly it didn't happen!

Friday I had my 6 week follow up with my OB! Everything is all good, blood pressure is back to normal and I can resume regular activity as far as my c-section goes. Now we just need to get my ankle back into shape, so I can start getting back into shape! 
Excuse my wild hair - it was a long day! 

After my appointment we went up to visit my Grandma. She unfortunately isn't doing well at all, to the point where she was blessed by the priest on Sunday. She hasn't been well for 2 years, but as much as she is fighting a hard fight, her body is now failing in all aspects. Luckily they are able to keep her comfortable, but unfortunately her days are very limited. Noah was able to "meet" his great-grandma, but sadly he was only able to say hello and a final goodbye in his first visit. Grandma has lived a good life, and as much as we will all miss her, it's soo hard to see her like this and suffering. My Grandma is our last living grandparent for both M and I. 

We did a quick trip to Costco, stopped at Chapters, where M insisted on buying Noah the biggest stuffed dog - it's bigger than Noah! We picked up spare jets for the hot tub and then ended up at the farm for pizza! It was a looong day, but Noah was a champ, up until bedtime that is! He had a rough night! We find if we haven't held him a lot in the day then he either misses us and needs that time, if he was just over stimulated in the day. He also had an upset tummy, which didn't help matters! M ended up sleeping on the lazy boy with him until 5 AM... 

Saturday we managed to get some more spring cleaning done, as well as the nursery, so you will all be happy to hear it will be posted TOMORROW!! Can't wait to share it!! We also enjoyed our first Dairy Queen of the season!! Saturday evening Noah's tummy was upset again, but we figured out the problem! Both days he had a bottle - we used the medela calma nipple that we have always used, but Noah can drink too fast with it. He drank 3 ounces in like 5 minutes, with a burping session at the half way point! The bottle is designed to help ease nipple confusion between breast and bottle, but Noah can suck away to fast and much that he gets it too quick, where as before he had to work hard to get what he could. So we won't be using that one again and will switch over to our Dr. Brown bottles now. 

He ended up sleeping in bed with us, as long as one of us had our hand of him while he was in his Bummzie, then he was content. Little bum. He woke up at 3 for a feed and then 8,we were going to get up, but decided to sleep in. I got up at 10:45am to find M back on the chair with Noah:

Apparently M didn't feel like coming back to bed, but decided the chair wasn't soo bad after all. Because he then did this again at bed time.

We ended up with some visitors that popped in to see Noah in the afternoon. 

We enjoyed a nice family walk, which of course included a family selfie!! We did the whole village again for the first time since fracturing my ankle. I was a little stiff after, but it felt great! I think we still work our way up to it, but throw in the full walk every now and then until I can do it with more ease. 

When we got back we learned that when the dogs are away, the cats don't play, they steal their beds... We couldn't help but to laugh! 

Noah was back to himself, content and happy, got some more housework done and enjoyed chicken on the BBQ before relaxing for the evening!

I forgot the CMA's were on last night until an hour was passed, so hopefully we will watch that today at some point! 

Today Noah is all smiles. I love that he is really figuring out who M and I are and gives us smiles while locking eyes with us. I caught the end of one this morning:

It brings tears to my eyes feeling his love right back at us with his smiles!

 I also think maybe I'm a bit sappy with all that's going on with my Grandma. It feels soo wrong to be soo happy while she is suffering. They say new life brings the end of another, I just wish it wasn't the case. I can remember how happy she was when I told her we were expecting and I'm trying my best to preserve that memory, amongst many others. I was going through pictures last night of my Grandma and found myself teary eyed while collecting them. I just pray for her suffering to end and that she will pass with ease. It is soo hard to see her go through this stage of life. 


Murdock's mama said...

SO sorry to hear about your grandma. I still have all grandparents I grew up with, so I think of this often. I want to keep them forever yet, they aren't the people we remember either. It's SO HARD! :(

The cat photo is SO FUNNY!

Can't wait to see the nursery! :)

Allyssa @ Lovely Allyssum said...

You little man is SOO cute! :) I'm really sorry to hear about your grandma. That's so tough! Hang in there, friend!

J and A said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma.:( So sad. Sounds like a great weekend otherwise! We have a new DQ by us and we keep meaning to get there but don't! gah! Love the smiles. They are the best feeling for sure. Nice work on the sleep in! I wish I could sleep like that! 8 is a sleep in for us!!

J and A said...


Aubrey said...

Praying for your grandma, Ashley!! Very excited for your nursery post :)

Hilary said...

It may be too late for this, but we bought the Dr. Brown's bottles, too. And then the pediatrician told us to avoid nipple confusion to use the Avent bottles. Well, I really liked the air relief part of the Dr. Brown's bottles and found that Tommy Tippee makes a cross between the two. They have a large nipple base, but they also have the anti-air tube in them, too. We ended up buying 4 9oz. bottles for him of those. They're a pain to clean, but I'm assuming no different than the Dr. Brown's bottles.


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