Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I Am Loving!!

Let me start off by saying that I am loving the weather!! Finally I think spring might actually be here!!

I am loving this flirty little boy: 

I am loving and hating that my cats caught a mouse in the house... Love that they caught it, but hate that there was a mouse in my house! We haven't had any for a long time! I'm happy M was home to deal with it! 

I love that yesterday both Noah and I stayed in our jammies all day long! Today I will get dressed!! Noah will most likely stay in his sleeper because he is in between newborn clothes and 0-3 months! Therefore he has no pants that fit... Unless they don't have feet and I don't feel like 50 million sock/slipper changes at diaper change time. The sleepers win right now, even if only 5 fit good right now. The one above is too big still, but we are over it! Old navy fits best right now! 

I am loving the smiles this little man is coming up with these days! I need to video tape these because the noises he makes are just as good as the faces!! Think big giggles and squeals! 

I love that my new perfume has come in today and I can't wait to go grab it from the post office!! 

I am loving playing around with my new blog design as some of you may have noticed!! Just working on the about me section next, which is taking a bit more time than I care to admit to! 

I am loving my little mans new wardrobe, however I am still not enjoying attempting to organize it!! He will be one trendy little man after seeing all the gifts he has received!! Which means I have a second and probably third batch of thank yous to get done! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday!! Tomorrow I will be back to talk about my story with infertility to support Infertility Awareness Week!! 

1 comment:

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh I love his little smile!! What a happy guy!!

The blog design looks great! I'd love to redo mine- add that to my to-do list, although I think I will outsource it since I suck at that stuff!!


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