Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{ What I am Loving }

A rainy Wednesday it is, but I am well rested because the little Mr. slept all night last night!! Which tops todays list of the things I am loving!!

- I love that some days my cheeks actually hurt from smiling soo much. Who knew that this little boy could cause soo much joy. I am the happiest I have been in a loooong time!

- I love that the dogs are starting to take more interest in Noah during mat time and the cats are loving him more too. Including Jazz - who gets kicked constantly because she likes to sit beside him and purr. Clearly her happy pills are working.

- I love this pic of Gracie from yesterday morning:

- I am loving white chocolate brownies. I had one at Moxie's on the weekend for the first time and now I want more! I found this recipe on Pinterest and might have to try it!
White Chocolate Brownies

- I am struggling with wearing my hair down lately because I get annoyed with it when nursing, so I have been trying to find cute ways to tie it back. I came across this one and I love it!
twisted bun

- I am loving that the first ball game of the season is Friday!! 

- I love that the results of my x-ray have finally showed that my ankle fracture has healed. It doesn't explain the pain or the swelling and bruising, but I at least know I won't sustain more damage by exercising again. I will just have to deal with it and push on!

- I think Noah and I are going to have to get crafting and make this for his nursery:
Nautical Anchor Footprint Canvas Art with Print Kit, Stripe, 12x12", by SnowFlowerArts, Any Color, $34.00

I have never made my own canvas art! Anyone have any tips?

- I would also love to make these:

Family handprint, so sweet!

But I think I will have to then make a new gallery wall to showcase them, which I am considering doing on my staircase going upstairs like this one:
I love the idea of making a photo collage over the staircase.

- I am loving the duet by Blake Shelton and Shakira called Medicine:

I hope everyone is having a great day, we are off to the vet today for shots and blood work.


Jenn said...

That first picture--MELT MY HEART! Adorable!!!

Sarah Tucker said...

Ahhhh he is SO PRECIOUS! So cute! And the picture of the pup is so funny! I love when I get funny pics like that!

Murdock's mama said...

Slept through the night...YAY!!! That's a reason to celebrate! Cullyn didn't do that until almost a year!

I LOVE that hairstyle you pinned...I might have to do that for one of my sister's weddings this summer! :)

J and A said...

Totally make that canvas!! I love it. Glad he slept for you! I love that your cheeks hurt from smiling. I know the feeling!!

Aubrey said...

Those brownies look delish!!! And Ahhh! Noah's facial expressions are just the best!

Rebekah said...

These babies make us so happy don't they?? I think you need to make that canvas!

Hilary said...

This is going to be a long one:
1. Isn't it crazy how happy they can make you?
2. B slept from 9:00-6:30 last night - WOO HOO!
3. Love that picture of Gracie!
4. I have the same issue with my hair. Especially after I curl it for the day and THEN have to nurse him. It's annoying!
5. Yay for your ankle!
6. I love that painting. What a cute idea!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yay Noah!!! Good boy!!

Great news on your ankle!! So happy!!

Those canvases are adorable and I need to make them now! I made a couple canvases for Leo's room. When I did stripes I needed to so several coats. I used masking tape for the stripes and it still leaked a bit. Oh well!


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